My Definition of a Social Justice Warrior.

Credit: Corey Milesch
Credit: Corey Milesch

This is a reply to someone who was entered into my Facebutt group for #MetalGate Band. They are very critical of what we represent and they have asked me to define “social justice warriors” so that they could tell me whether or not they identify as one.

There is no dictionary definition so this is from my perspective only and is going to be quite a long post. Please bear with me if you can. This can be read by anyone to gain insight on my thoughts regarding the matter but is meant to be for one person specifically.

Poser Disposer,

Here is my definition for what an SJW is. I don’t think you’re going to like it and am pretty sure I’m wasting my time here since all you seem to really want is to bitch and moan about this group existing.

When I was younger I went through a period of time where everything offended me. I would yell at people for watching rated R movies, chastise them for cussing, and had a holier than thou attitude in general. I quickly grew out of it but this is an aspect of what I consider to be a social justice warrior. It seems they never really grew out of that phase that some people seem to go through at some point in life. This is perhaps one of the reasons I am so rigidly opposed to SJW’s because at one time I could easily identify as one and now resent it.

Another way I identify social justice warriors is to draw similarities between their words and actions to really hardcore religious fundamentalist. There seems to be a certain dogma behind this crew of wimps that reminds me of the feverish and tunnel visioned tirades of extremist in religion. Being a Social Justice Warrior means you have a certain way of thinking about the world. It is well established to you by the group that if you stray from it you will be ostracized. Once ostracized there is nothing you can do or say to regain their confidence or friendship. Not that I’m totally against cults but in this instance I stand firmly opposed to it and it has everything to do with the content they produce. At least actual religions myths are entertaining with all the fire and brimstone.

Another trait I see as defining Social Justice is an over sensitivity to controversial art whether that be video games, music, film, writing, or canvas. They seem to have a pension for wanting to ban certain art they deem too offensive to exist and we see this from them time and time again in multiple genres of entertainment and art. They do this despite hardly ever creating art of their own to provide a foil for that which they deem to be bad art and when they do it usually ends up being some bimbo squeezing out period blood onto a canvas or some silly performance art (see SPLAT!). No one is saying they have no right to create it by the way. We’re simply pointing and laughing at the results.

I could provide more examples to satisfy your curiosity, if you have any that is, but there is ample evidence readily available through a simple google search. If you are curious enough to discover that rabbit hole please use some of that spare time of yours and indulge yourself.

Another hallmark of SJW’s that I see is that they preach about things that most sane and rational people do not disagree with them on. However, there are numerous things that separate SJW’s from everyone else in the world. When most people hear “equality” they realize that it is not referring to outcomes but to opportunity and representation in the letter of the law. Social Justice Warriors do not recognize this and instead take offense to any outcome which does not produce an equal number as fars sex, race, and creed are concerned. They want to lower the standards in everything, push for affirmative action to an extreme degree, and are viciously jealous of anyone or group of people who produce at a high level no matter what field you point at.

They seem to live in a fantasy land where everyone produces the same, gets the same, and deserves the same regardless of actual effort put in and quality of work. This is why people criticize them to such a degree that GamerGate and now MetalGate have formed. We are not declaring SJW’s can’t exist in the world or have their way of thinking or anything like that. We’re mostly concerned with criticizing their ideology and raising as much hell as possible when we notice any form of censoring going on. Whether that be government-funded or not. Yes, we do have examples of this going on so if you’re curious just ask.

To use an example from film, the situation really reminds me of the children’s movie “The Incredibles” by Pixar Studios. If you haven’t seen it, the focus of the film is about super heroes and how the world would really react to such super humans buzzing around saving the day all the time. Eventually society deems them too powerful and dangerous and demands the government to regulate them out of existence. The main villain in the film personifies everything social justice stands for when he presents his plan to take over the world by introducing technology that will mean EVERYONE in the world can have super powers. He says, “When everyone is super, no one will be.”

So after all that if I could sum it all up in a lot fewer words I would say that a Social Justice Warrior is someone who take ideas like equality and turns it into a religion and who takes offense at anyone who criticizes them for doing so. Going so far as to demand them to be banned from public record or even worse have them arrested and jailed for thinking the wrong way.

I seriously doubt you identify as one but I was curious because you seem to absolutely hate everyone in the group and the idea of the group itself. I already know this was a waste of time but I like to be thorough. I look forward to reading your hissy fit reaction to it. Criticizing everything I said, saying I’m just an idiot, calling me girls names, etc, etc…because that’s all you’ve really done so far Poser…I don’t really understand your motives because the group isn’t going to shut down over you. It’s not going to just go away just because you got so mad at us. No one is going to kick you out of the group….i just don’t get it man but whatever. Do what you want.

I’m open to criticism so long as it makes sense and the person levying it isn’t a presumptuous douche bag who acts like they know everything about everyone.  I’m starting to suspect I’ve met you before some where as your writings sound eerily familiar. If that’s the case then I’m honored to have gotten under someone’s skin so much that they’re willing to waste their time bitching and moaning in my little Facebutt group.

Anyways, there it is.

PS….Yes, we don’t like your snotty attitude even though we would if you said it about SJW’s because, FUCKING SURPRISE! We’re opposed to SJW’s…*gasp!