Place Your Bets Please



This word press is going to tell a story of a man who entered into a new profession as a boy and learned what it takes to be a man because of it. It will also tell of the anonymous faces this boy saw and how it impacted him to think about where he himself was heading in life. It is a peculiar trade and one that takes a lot of skill, cunning, and brutal honesty to be a part of. All of which the young man did not have in abundance before becoming seasoned in the trade. The lessons learned have branched out into other areas of his life and have allowed him to mature into the man he had always hoped to be. Or at least showed him the path. A path on which he continues to travel on to this day. This young man is me of course. Here is my story of the Casino trade.


Allow me if you will to take you into the world of gambling, entertainment, and the brutal honesty that is the Casino trade. It is astonishing to me just how much of a reflection gambling is of actual life and of how accurately you can learn about people in general by reading the dispositions of those who place their hard-earned money in the betting circle with the hope of winning big money. It is easy at first to imagine this trade to be dishonest, shady, and otherwise criminal but nothing can be further from the truth. Think about fast food if you will. How often will these large restaurants defend their food even though we all know it’s trash. They spend billions on marketing every single year and because of it they still somehow thrive. The degree to which they have to advertise a happy-go-lucky attitude about their business is to me what makes it so transparent that no one should even think about shoveling that food into their mouths.


Before we dive to deeply into that let’s start at the beginning of my career, dealers school to be precise. I had been working in fast food for 3 years prior to my enrollment into dealers school. Far too old of an age to be relying on a near minimum wage salary and answering to some of the worst humanity has to offer. Though I did build some character in the fast food trade it was but a drop in the bucket compared to just two weeks of dealer training. It started off slowly enough with learning how to handle chips, cards, and money as only a dealer can do. Each day increasing in difficulty as we would learn to quickly count card values, chip values, and dollar amounts so that we could keep games moving. At first this just meant learning how to deal the most basic and also most popular of games, Blackjack.


Our instructor was kind and patient enough to be teaching us but at the same time he was a complete smart ass and he made sure to remind us that his cruelty was nothing compared to what we would be subject to on a live game so I kept my mouth shut most of the time and just absorbed any kind of disciplinary actions taken against me because I had the feeling that there was no room for any kind of know-it-all behavior. I was exactly right to think this way as I witnessed one student after another losing their cool and being escorted out of the training facility. It became obvious to me that this job was not at all for the faint of heart. However, I myself was very faint of heart. This did not sit well with me at first but something inside me kept me going. This was the first time in a very long time that I felt myself actually giving a damn about my performance not just as a student but as a human being.


Several weeks into training it became obvious to myself and my teacher that I was becoming someone to look at with interest. Other students started to ask me questions instead of the instructor. I did not allow this to go to my head at all out of fear that any kind of arrogance would result in a return to the fast food work I had been doing. So I mostly differed this attention to my instructor. After I became more comfortable with it however, I began to be able to answer these questions with confidence and soon enough I was dealing mock games of black jack long before the other students in class.


For the first time in a long time I had a sense of pride in what I was doing. It became an art form just as much as playing guitar had for me in years past. It became clear to me that this job did not simply mean putting cards on a table then collecting and paying bets. There was much more to it than that after you learned the fundamentals of dealing cards. I started noticing subtle changes in people’s behavior when it came to different scenarios in the game. Much as professional poker players talk about when competing on TV. People cannot help but react when it comes to a game, especially when money is on the line. However, this was still true even though it was mock money on the line in class.


Let’s skip forward to my first night on a live blackjack game. It was a first night to remember as it was July 4th. The Casino was completely packed to the brim and a line of guest were in waiting to get in as the fire marshal would not allow more than capacity to enter the building. I was assigned a table in the main pit of the floor which was so crowded that it took me 10 minutes just to enter and find my place. The table was full of what I now know as a matter of routine are the most difficult people to deal to. Fifty plus year old drunk men and a whole table full at that with others in wait for when one of them got up to move on with their night. The amount of pressure, nervousness, and adrenaline that was rushing through my body is still to this day indescribable.  In a moment I had forgotten every single thing I had learned in class and not only that was being cussed at, picked on, and flogged because on of the more veteran dealers had let it be known that it was my very first night on the job.


Music from the live band playing was so loud that I could barely hear anything which is an all important aspect to being a live table games dealer. You must be able to communicate certain things to your pit boss and this was nearly impossible with everything going through my mind at that point. That night I had to either put up or shut up and hand in my dealers license. My first hand went off without a snag, the second, third, and fourth as well. This was because nothing of note happened but I will never forget the first black jack I dealt was a bet made with several colors of value chips. Now days, it is something I don’t even think about but on my first night my mind drew a complete blank. A black jack will pay any bet three to two in odds. In other words a ten-dollar bet will pay fifteen dollars on any black jack which is the first two cards the player receives equaling twenty-one. Mathematically you simply take the entire amount of the bet, divide by two, and then add that amount to the original bet. On a ten-dollar bet, divide ten by two which equals 5, add five to ten which equals fifteen and then pay the bet. The bet I drew a blank on was a bet of twenty-three dollars and fifty cents. I stood there, confused, bewildered, and ashamed of myself.


Unable to figure out the payout my pit boss started pushing me to figure it out, the players cussing at me, calling me names, and myself beating myself up more harshly than that! It was one of those moments where everything goes silent and you either put forth the effort and do it or you fold like an accordion and fail miserably and decide to move on with your life.  I knew I wanted this job more than anything in the world. I just got a new girlfriend, my own car, a new place to live, and was moving on with my life outside of this job so the idea of giving up now was out of the question. I started to scramble and figure out the bet one color at a time. And 5 minutes later, which is an obscene amount of time to me now, I had figured it out. The entire table of drunk old men, my pit boss, and the shift manager all cheered aloud as I stood there completely embarrassed, yet, triumphant in getting over myself and just paying the man his money.


Fast forward two years and I am a competent dealer in several different and varied games including several types of poker games. The lesson I learned that first night has never left me. That is, people, even when they’re being complete shit heads, typically just want the best things to happen for themselves and others. Even if they’re calling you every name in the book, they still want the good thing to happen. That is why this business is so god damn honest. They don’t come there expecting to win every hand or at all for that matter. What they come to do is have a good time and it is my job for that entertainment to be at my expense. That’s not to say I still let guest cuss me out and treat me like garbage like I did my first few weeks of dealing. It just means it’s my job not only to deal the game correctly but to make it as entertaining as possible for the guest.


The trick is to present the guest with such a good time that they leave me a tip, which is the bulk of my annual income. I have had experience in sales in my lifetime as well which has come in handy but one thing I’ve noticed about this job in contrast to sales is that of the level of honesty. When it comes to what I’m selling I can be utterly blunt about it where as when I was in sales I had to make the product sound better than it actually was. Here, when someone is losing and starting to get pissed off about it all I have to do is get the rest of my table to start cheering for them. I have to encourage them to have a good time despite the loss and that they are partaking in something that’s not just about them but the party atmosphere around them. They don’t want to be a party pooper do they? Hardly anyone does and those that do want to poop the party well there are other ways of handling them as well.


The most difficult guest that I encounter are the one’s who complain no matter how much they’re winning or losing. Either that or they have hardly anything to say at all. Getting them to play along is difficult but not impossible. It takes a higher level of patients and cunning to get them involved with the “party”. For example, getting the rest of the table involved with their decisions on the game can mean the different between a tip or not. If they simply are not going to tip and others are it is amusing to hear the rest of the table cuss that guest out for being a prick and not treating their dealer right. “Hey buddy, it’s not like it’s the dealers money, he wants us to win too ya jerk!”, they’ll say. To which I’ll reply, “Yeah, my boss already makes enough money, none of us have his kind of money so let’s make it together folks!” If that doesn’t work and the party pooper still doesn’t play along it only encourages the rest of the party to have more fun in spite of the pooper. It’s fascinating to me how this dynamic plays out over the hour-long period I will deal to them before I have to go on a mandatory break. Which is another interesting way of using psychology on the table.


In the state in which I work, by law, a dealer is not allowed to deal for more than an hour and twenty minutes at a time. This not only allows the dealer to gather their thoughts and clear their mind but it can also swing the game back in or out of the favor of the house. I call this dynamic “good cop, bad cop.” Much like we all see in cop movies/tv shows where cops team up on a suspect and play good/bad with them dealers can do much the same thing. For example, for an hour I might be “dumping” to the table which simply means paying out a lot of money on each hand. This gets the party atmosphere in high spirits while I’m there but then my break comes and a new dealer is there for the twenty minutes I’m away. The new dealer now may be impossible to beat. This is all a part of the fun of gambling. When I get back from break after the new dealer takes back most if not all of their chips the guest will rejoice in my return and offer up tribute in the form of either handing me tips or placing dealer bets so that I can play along. As the bad cop a dealer learns not to take the insults personally and realizes they have played their part in a mind game that results in more tips than usual.


Now you may be saying to yourself that this is some how shady and dishonest but is it really? We aren’t allowed to ask for tips directly and in my opinion this is a good thing because it is more professional to actually earn those tips by providing an entertaining experience rather than cheaply asking for tips out right. Not only can a dealer lose their job but in my opinion it cheapens the entire experience for the guest and the dealers as well. Regular guest know what is going on and not only are happy to tip but realize it adds a lot more to the party like atmosphere going on.  These are the guest we rely on most to ensure a great time for everyone playing and after so long you develop really tight and awesome bonds with them.  But for every guest like this there are ten who just do not get it. This is where the artistry of everything I just talked about comes in to play.


Often times I feel like a rock star on his own unique stage because people know my name by word of mouth and I find regulars returning to my tables every single week just to have a good time of which I am very happy to oblige. It is just as important for me to have a great time as it is to make money at my job and that is why I absolutely love what I do. This job has not only helped me financially but has helped me mature into the young man I always hoped I would be. It has motivated me to make other changes in my life. Like caring about my appearance, the way I socialize with others, and how I treat my personal life with loved one’s and friends. At the end of the night when I am ready to clock out there are always stories to be told, merriment to be had, and friendships to be maintained. Some times I help count up all of our tips for the day and I can tell you that I and the other dealers all take pride in every single red cent we get. We do not think of our guest as suckers and they do not think of us as scam artist. We develop a bond with them much as a bar tender would his guest.


I honestly believe this is one of the most honest trades in the world because no one forces anyone to place those bets on the table. We even go so far as to explain the best odds possible and that there is not one single game in the entire casino which has the guest best interest at heart. Why then do people keep putting their money in the circle? I say it’s because of the thrill of the chase, the good people they’re surrounded with, and the memories they create while there. Sure, people get lucky and make a lot of money some times but more often than not people will spend what they bring every time they come and yet they return the next week. That tells me there is something else at play. Something intangible and valuable to humanity involved with gambling. Something that only people in the entertainment business truly understand and have mastered over the years. It’s the same reason you pay to go see your favorite bands, or go to the movies, or even take your friends or co-workers out to a nice restaurant. Once the money becomes irrelevant and you are simply having the time of your life you quickly realize that what you are betting on is having a great time.

“Activisimist” Movements: The Unavoidable Hypocrisy of Modern Culture (Warning for the sensitive, Profane Language Within!)


I have always considered myself a humanist for my own reasons. No self-proclaimed humanist was ever able to teach me why, I just found myself attached to the ideologies behind humanism. It’s not for secular reasons or because a bunch of hipster activist told me I should be one. I am one despite those people. I am one because I believe in humanity to improve and progress through a lot of hard work. Not so that the government can grant everyone privileges and screw over everyone else just because they’re in the majority.


It seems in this “modern civilized world” it is not enough to be a decent human being, no, you have to be a part of this kind of “ism” or a certain type of “ist” in order to fit in. These “movements” are taking what was such a beautifully simple notion of goodwill towards men and have spun it into their own unique perceptions and delusions of how best to operate one self in a world wrought with war, political cesspools, a crumbling economy, and do gooders trying to get in everyone else’s business. They will point their filthy fingers at everything and everyone other than themselves and will never look in the mirror to see how they’ve duped themselves into believing that if they just scream loud enough, the world will listen and change. In other words, these people love to complain.


I am humanist because fuck you. What I mean to say is that I as an individual strive to better myself. I am part of a society of other humans so I have had to learn to go along to get along to a certain degree but the reason for this word press being written is to point out that society at large is stepping all over itself to prove to themselves that they are these gleaming and shining examples of morality. But we all know we are imperfect and typically shit headed towards one another. Yet we find ourselves involved with groups of people proclaiming to have the answer to solve all the worlds ills. Myself included, so don’t misunderstand me. I include myself in this article because I actually realize I have a lot of work to do on myself and I do it every day. I can’t say the same for others though. For others, mediocrity is just fine.


This same harsh “fuck you” goes to anyone who belongs to any of the following groups, Republicans, Democrats, Feminist, Libertarians, Anarcho Capitalist, Anarcho Socialist, Socialist, Communist, Jihadist, Christians, Muslims, Men’s Rights Activist, and many many others so if I left you out, fuck you too. Do you want to know why? Because while there are exceptional people within each community who I want to be friends with and would love to be around, there are always those extreme people who take the idea way too far and go way out of their way to not just exclude others from even the slightest conversation but will actively seek to bring harm to anyone outside that community. This is the problem I have with every single one of these “ismist”. They subvert themselves by proclaiming peace but it’s at a cost. They are not at all peaceful once they start lobbying for laws to be passed in order to limit the behaviors of those who disagree with them. Granted some are much less inclined to do so than others so I am not exactly painting with broad strokes here. I recognize good, better, and best.


I realize right about now I sound completely hypocritical and I agree, but how can this be avoided? How can we live in society with all these special interest, all just as annoying as the next, and not at some point put your head out of your ass and remember who you really are? Humanism to me does not mean I think all humans deserve special treatment. To me, it means, we’re all a bunch of dip shits for thinking that some little group we were a part of at some point was going to make a difference by complaining about some oppressor at large until someone paid attention to us. Never once providing a working solution or internalizing our own faults and communicating to others that sometimes the bullshit that happens to us in life is our own damn fault.  Perhaps then I am not a humanist, perhaps then I am just an individual who is sick of movements.  In any case I have been a part of several movements in my life time and never once did I feel fulfilled. Just a brief encounter with inspiring ideas at first which quickly succumb to in fighting, finger-pointing, and complaining. It’s rather disgusting.


I see all these disappointed faces all the time. You’re in a movement, things are going well, then reality sets in and people tailspin into denial, self-pity, and loathing of their brethren.  Did you really believe you were going to make a difference? So disappointing isn’t it? You were fooled by a guru into believing in something abstract and unrealistic and at first their were positive results because you were excited about something. It gave you positive energy and something to believe in while you continued to your ultimate destiny. But eventually, you had questions about what you were doing. Just as an atheist questions God or an Anarchist questions Government YOU question this community you’re a part of.


But you deny it don’t you? Anything to belong. Anything to maintain this near narcissistic shell  that you are good because your people are good. That you could never ever be a shit head and neither could your activist friends. Ha! Wake up fools, you live on an ancient rock, it’s been alive for billions of years and will probably outlive our species. And the reason it will is because you are so narcissistic that you actually believe we will kill the Earth before it kills humanity. You honestly truly believe that what you are doing is truly good and right and correct meanwhile you make enemies at every turn. Bring harm to those who disagree and in turn those shit heads you piss off come back and attack you.


I am Humanist because I think humanity has such great potential to be truly exceptional and good. But I see what we’ve become and i am sick! If it’s not cleared by your board members, internet gurus, or political party you will not even think about doing it. It’s disgusting to think that I used to be the same way but I met others who showed me another way. These people didn’t kiss my ass and tell me pretty lies. They said, “FUCK YOU, GROW UP, MOVE ON.”


These men to be a little more specific are part of an online culture called “the manospehere” and I realize I am being hypocritical but it simply cannot be avoided in this culture of ours.  Because there is no way around it I must find a way to compromise my position without being a complete piece of shit so here it is. My brand of Humanism is called Pinnaclism and you can read all about it here.


Within the confines of that article are what represent to me a set of ideals that constitute a way of life. I no longer want to be another follower in a group that represents the interest of people who at one point had the same idea I had. I want to be a leader in something new, unique, and truly revolutionary. I realize this means dire consequences should anyone out there take my ideas seriously but honestly, it’s a short life and I’m sick of following dishonest people who have their own agendas and use people’s best qualities against them in order to galvanize and quarter off a market of meat heads who will worship them and hang on to every word they say without question. I’m sick of the guru’s and the ism-ist of modern culture and desire a return to what makes human beings so damn amazing. Honesty, honor, hard work, self-responsibility, and ingenuity. I saying this I am not going to blow smoke up anyone’s ass and pretend I am a shining example to be followed at this point. But the fact that I recognize my shit headed behaviors and seek to change them is something people should follow.  I want others to read my words here and rip them apart and give me feedback, positive and negative feedback because if I’m perfectly honest right now everything I’ve written here feels absurd. I feel there is something underneath it all though which is tried and true.


Does anyone out there have anything to add? I would absolutely love to hear what others think about this. I wrote this article with a lot of anger and after re-reading and writing it I found many inconsistencies with my arguments but I still feel underneath it all is an undiscovered truth about humanity that we should all example. Please let me hear what you think and take care folks!

Silver Spoon. Weak and Powerless. A God Among Men. Bruce Wayne.


I am not necessarily the biggest comic book fan in the world but there are few characters who I would look up to if indeed they existed in real life.  Tony Stark aka Iron Man, Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, and Logan aka Wolverine. However there is one character that in my opinion stands head and shoulders above all others and it’s not because he’s the most powerful. It is precisely because he lacks that power that I admire him so much. It is indeed his bravery, cunning, and sense of responsibility that has me clamoring for him.  I am yet another among a million who grew up with a single mother and like many others I collected father figures through out my life. There is no exception here.

I admire the comic book character Batman aka Bruce Wayne so much because despite being born a billionaire he suffers one of the worst tragedies imaginable. Watching his parents be murdered right in front of him. All the money in the world didn’t help Bruce get over this heinous act of violence. Instead, he spiraled into his own pit of despair and self loathing. Just as any child who suddenly finds themselves alone in the world.

Eventually the pain became too much so it came down to a choice between living in self-pity for the rest of his life or leaving his life behind in order to improve himself. To me it is a sign of high moral standards for a man to be willing to drop everything at a moments notice in order to improve his own life and to help others around him.  At times this will mean leaving your comfort zone while other times it means escaping pain and suffering. The over all point is that clinging on to what was for overtly selfish reasons is more detrimental to your life than it is to move on and attempt something new.

Doing so is what becoming a free man is all about. This was never going to be easy for Bruce Wayne or any man. This usually means years of wandering aimlessly through the worst the world has to offer. The young man struggled on, not as a trust fund baby, but as any other man would. He may have been aimless at times but still searching for what every man looks for at some point in their life. A sense of pride, dignity, and to become the alpha of his own life. He sought to become the master of his own mind, body, and spirit of which he could then use to fulfill his fathers wishes. His fathers wish was that Bruce would grow up to help others around him. To protect the innocent and drive away mindless thugs and criminal masterminds alike.

However, Bruce was not his father by any means. He desired more than invention, successful businesses, and being a good Samaritan. Bruce desired more agency in his life and once he learned this about himself he began to train his mind, body, and soul to deal with the difficulties that would inevitably arise from such desires. Still, not in full form, Bruce pressed on still wandering but with aim and direction. I think most people reach this point in their lives where they have the ambition and drive to succeed in life yet still do not know exactly what it is they need to do in order to get there.

Once this level of determination is established often we find like-minded people who influence us to move in one direction or another. For Bruce Wayne this was The League of Shadows. Lead by a man named Ras Al Guul this group was a formidable and ancient order of ninjas who religiously sought to wipe out criminality, bad behavior, and immorality all throughout history and into the future.  Under the tutelage of Ras, Bruce was able to finally face his deepest fears, train his body, and prepare his soul for what was to come. A challenge with even more severe consequences, choices, and experiences the likes of which would make any normal man falter and succumb to brainwashing and peer pressure.

Once it became obvious to Bruce that The League of Shadows was nothing more than a glorified terrorist group who had no dilemma in killing the innocent in order to wipe out the guilty he had to make a life changing decision. Would he too kill the innocent in order to get to the criminals he sought after. He thought of his mother and fathers killer, his fathers dying wishes, and his own morality and knew what he had to do. He betrayed Ras Al Guul and escaped the League of Shadows.

This must have been a difficult decision, after all, it was The League of Shadows and Ras Al Guul who saved Bruce from his own downward spiral into obscurity and perhaps meaningless death. The League brought Bruce a sense of agency and purpose that he had so long been looking for and Ras was the strong father figure that Bruce really needed when he was at his weakest to teach him how to be truly strong and to be a real man. This dilemma is something we all face in life. We all have a group that we were once a part of or are currently a part of that eventually challenges us to rethink our position within that community. The moral question is pressing and it is thus posed unto all of us at some point. Do you stay with those who’ve helped you grow? Do you bite the hand that feeds you when you realize they do not ultimately stand for what you believe is just, moral, and correct in life? I believe Bruce’s decision was the correct one to make. As a man you must stand on your own two feet and separate from the herd, even if it means complete obscurity, loneliness, or even death.

At this moment, Batman is born and Bruce is a complete man. He has transcended the vision others set forth for him and found what he originally set out to find. Who he is and what his purpose in life is. Eventually Bruce finds his way back home and thus begins the plot so many have come to know and love. As Batman, Bruce is finally able to avenge his parents wrongful murder and live up to his fathers dying wishes. But not at all like his father envisioned which is another dilemma Bruce continuously faces as he presses forward as the Caped Crusader, Batman.

No matter what your position in life is it is you who ultimately makes the decisions that lead you to your ultimate destiny. I believe this is the most important element when it comes to the my hos of the Batman/Bruce Wayne character. That even though he had billions of dollars, a trust fund, and could have simply lived life as a pampered and infantile piece of garbage, he chose to seek something higher than himself. I can’t think of any other character in all of fiction who so deeply fulfills all the important aspects of what it means to be an actual human being and for that I dedicate this entire article for all the men in the world who could have taken the easy route but chose not to.

It is deeply inspiring to me when I see every day people struggling to improve themselves and going out on a limb not to impress others but because they feel something within themselves that life isn’t about finding the easy ways around everything but indeed it is about mastering the correct ways to do things.

The House of Cards Show (Spoiler Free Review)

House of Cards Logo Captured from URL for review purposes only. The use of this image is for subjective review only.



I’ve been watching the first few episodes of House of Cards on Netflix so much like everyone else I get my entertainment online these days. Which to me is an improvement for all of society. House of Cards to me represents quite a few things going on in the minds of the artist, writhers, directors, and actors involved with the project but also attitudes on a wider range. There is always something to keep in mind when it comes to information gathered through subjective entertainment sources however some valid points can be raised through this medium as well. It all depends on which perspective you are choosing to represent.   The problem with entertainment is that often it is the drama that drives us to continue watching, reading, or looking on like child at the stars through a window seal. This is the purpose of entertainment after all. However, my point is that this also causes a problem for not only ourselves as individuals but on a large societal scale millions of people sit in front of a box for 5 or more hours a day and soak in all kinds of information.


Some of it very beneficial and good information, a lot of it however is quite disturbing. That is until you discover that the best news typically is a result of a bad situation. Solutions my friends are those bits of good news you get in your daily routine. Whether by a dumb stroke of hair-brained luck or by competent execution of a disciplined plan of action each of us are capable of bringing good news to the world but many of us choose, myself included, to ignore the faults going on around us and do nothing to fix them and instead replace the positive feelings that come with victory or from hard work paying off with the delusions of reality that often find their way through the various mediums of information transfer technology like television, the internet, radio, newspapers, and even word of mouth.   Enter House of Cards, a Netflix original series featuring an all star cast of actors, writers, directors, and film makers alike. It is very well written and features quite a controversial narrative, that is if you’re what some of my friends call a “Hipster Puritan” who believes that government and only government can bring peace to the world. House of Cards presents us with a crack team of dirty politicians who do quite impressively and competently deal with the matters of the day.


That is by deliberately misleading those around them, coercing those same people into dangerous situations, and murdering those who find out about the skeletons in their closets. Oh the feeling of poetic justice in this series is just to die for. All of those ideas are challenged at their very core bringing to my mind a very important question. What is Government?   I already know there is such a thing as an ideal Government, we all have a notion that some how or some way that this entity we have chosen to name Government will lead the world to a more peaceful path than that which we are on. That is, until you realize the true cost of putting forth any such ideas in a serious manner. The point of my statement is to point out a flaw in the system. It is quite a simple flaw upon first review until you realize the magnitude and scale of this problem and that this problem doesn’t really have big stone buildings or politicians holding it up. Government is human incompetence. We all know how messed up we are sometimes, even if we don’t intend to be, we make horrible and stupid mistakes all the time.


There is no preparing for stupidity or incompetence except by preparing for it which means you must always be aware of your flaws. You must remove your ego from the equation all together and realize how important and impact filled your actions really are. In doing so you are already putting yourself and others at less risk to create an excuse for Government to intervene and ruin your lives.   People who realize this early on typically are in no position to do any real damage to those who have decided long ago that they are going to rule by brute force, lies, and coercion thus acquiring great amounts of wealth, military might, connections with influential people in society who band together and form pacts, friendships, enemies, and economics systems. You have no hope to beat that system on your own. When faced with an adversary this powerful you don’t want to find yourself battling them on their home court unless you are sure you have more of an edge than they could ever hope for. Which for most of us is never going to happen. To imagine that any of you could compete with this level of intelligence gathering, police training, military might, and sophistication is ludicrous at best.  To those of you who happen to read this who do have a good measure of resources, connections, and have a definitive plan of where you are going in life please understand this one thing.   Knowing how messed up the average person is and knowing that more than half of those people are even way more messed up with different disorders, chemical poisoning, poor diets, poor education, poor to no living standards or direction in life. After knowing all that can you not see that resorting to the same tactics as an ignorant street criminal with a total lack of respect for human life that will make your stomach toil and keep you up at night.


Having power over others due to your lack of honor, decency, and virtue is nothing short of a tragedy. Stooping to the same levels of those you oppose simply to be right and remain in power to me shows the only power you really have. It is your greatest weapon against those who would oppose you. Fear.   House of Cards on Netflix shows us in very entertaining fashion just how chaotic and grim life as a politician or influential person really could be in real life. Let’s not get all Plato’s Cave here and discuss whether or not a shadow is just a false copy of the real thing or anything. I’m simply pointing out why I adore this show in particular. It lies to you, but in a way that let’s you know it’s all a lie. Which is the true brilliance of the whole show! The system, the politicians, the people involved in Washington D.C. are just as flawed, egotistical, and as dangerous if not more dangerous than common people or criminals.   The phrase “poetic justice” is done a great service in this series. As tables are constantly turned against your ideologies and then suddenly your ideas are the basis of a bold and successful new idea that works for everyone in the end. This show takes you on a roller coaster ride of political intrigue and often feels like an old gumshoe thriller as you attempt to piece together everyone’s motives and intentions throughout the narrative. It really does inspire one to think directly outside the box when it comes to politics. The status quo must  both tested and made to be necessary at times and House of Cards does just that and it is stupendous!


Ampersand Daily2

Pinnaclism is my idea of looking at the vastly superior ideas from any given political or social movement and combining them under one umbrella. When those ideas compete with one another, we should lean towards the more ideal conditions and compromise those ideas which are not in our best interest by accepting the faults of that idea and allowing new and innovative ideas to take their place. This will require a high degree of intellectual honesty and also the ability to let go of preconceived notions once it has become apparent that one idea is inferior to the other.

This is a new term that I have come up with and in my opinion is the only solution to an authoritarian state where violence is deemed required to spread ideology. Pinnaclism still allows freedom of expression, thought, and allows us all to have our positions without the threat of violence. However once put to the test on the market or public arena and adjusting to the reality of the situation, it will become necessary to allow the winning idea to flourish . This requires a very active participation from individuals on a personal basis where we all seek to improve ourselves one step and one day at a time. Where problems exist, people must bring their ideas to the table, even if faulty, it will create a ground by which another can apply the benefit of hindsight and fill in the gaps. This process should repeat until ultimately the economic or social situation is solved to the satisfaction of those individuals involved.

This can be done on a large-scale without coercion or violence though I believe in and still  see the need for very strong defensive violence as detractors from this idea will preemptively strike and lash out at those of us trying to make improvements to our world. That said, through the use of ideologies such as voluntary free trade and association, charities, and many other economic and social options available to all of us at any given moment, we can avoid unwarranted violence more often than not. As a result violence will become less of a problem as time pushes forward. Actions taken by individuals that threaten the existence of others must be met with cold intelligence and brute force. Once on display, parties involved are open to public scrutiny and free press where the violence and coercion are observed in a very public way. If two individuals or collective of individuals seek war with another or among themselves they would be immediately held accountable by social and market forces which seek to render their aggression obsolete by providing similar and superior results that should persuade more people than not to both hold up private agreements and share among each other without the use of violence.

Perhaps in this way, we can eventually find the root causes of aggressive authority in our world and in the interest of the survival of our species dig and cut those roots once and for all, ridding ourselves of an evolutionary weakness and replace it with genuine authority who would have all the resources and reasons available to them to sustain a peaceful social order. I ask you the reader to understand that this does not mean pacifism. In all actuality it means this new social order has the ability to render unjustified violence completely and totally obsolete by having the resources to do so constantly being upgraded through voluntary free trade which will always seek to protect itself from outside illegitimate threats of violence on itself and those who benefit from it.

Try to imagine the possibilities and corrections you can make to my idea and run with it to the next person who works with you peacefully to create new realities, the idea is to allow this process to continue and grow into a new society based on real information and the accepting of new proposals in order to reach a peaceful end to all situations. For the overwhelming majority of time violence will not be necessary and as a result new innovations will only arise faster and better as time pushes forward uninterrupted by those among us who do not have the strength and peace of mind to build and maintain a society we can all enjoy and benefit from. In that case, it will not be an unfortunate turn of events to see these overly aggressive authoritarian forces eliminated from the scene and will also allow new innovations in dealing with these forces more and more peacefully with each passing year. Imagine being able to stop a killer without killing them and simultaneously benefiting from their labor and rehabilitating them and their would be victims to allow a much more prosperous situation to occur. The outright hedonist will not be able to bring about their anarchy on the backs of every living soul of which they would take pleasure in harming, rather, every living soul has an opportunity to present the hedonist with a choice. Responsible freedom or seclusion from freedom. 

I strongly desire all forms of criticism for this article. Whether you completely hate, moderately hate, moderately love, or completely love what I’ve put forward please leave a comment below. This is not meant to be a populist movement by any means, it is a means to an end that discourages such action but rather is an open door to any and all dissent and acceptance. That being said, both dissent and acceptance of this idea taken to extremities that result in massive demonstrations that seek to harm other’s interest will not be tolerated by myself. My goal isn’t to create a monster.  I want this to become the absolute most ideal way of looking at the world so it will require myself at times to be corrected and I completely accept that responsibility. So, if you believe you can improve or even disprove these ideas please do not be shy. It will only strengthen the idea either way and as a label it will survive any and all adjustments to the philosophy as it is meant to consistently be improved upon.

Modesty: A Chain Broken


I have very powerful feelings inside of me nearly locked away but every day I stay the key and keep the lock open.

Often I am rendered silent by the complexity of those feelings realizing my vocabulary lacks the required breadth to communicate them.

From the political loyalty of the paradigm to the cultural biases of honesty and crime my words fall upon apathetic minds focused on winning wars for their own kind.

I speak of humanistic prosperity, togetherness, anarchy, and peace only to be vilified, divided, controlled, and fleeced.

I care not who you voted for last cycle nor what rally you attended last week. I care not for the cause you hold upon high or which enemy you choose to vilify.

I see massive fingers directed by massive ego’s pointing and poking and prodding each other’s claims of supremacy. I see the broken lumps of flesh and bone caught in between.

I see the satisfaction of victory over the “the ways of old” while the “ways of old” shine through the new order of things.

You tell me I’m hurting “the movement” as if I belong for speaking words gone silent far too long. To that I say, the truth and the world is much stranger than the fiction of any so called “movement”.

Your group of pals and collection of ideas only a grain of dust among an eternal inferno of information. Stick together, just don’t lose yourself in your group mental masturbation.

If only you knew how afraid they were of you. If you could only admit that your fervor aligns with their fear. If only you could see the ties than bind you perhaps then the world could be free.

You see not the dire straights of those opposite your dilemma only the fear filled melodrama of their words that fill the air around you. Not a mirror in sight that you can see, not a mirror nor a reflection that it’s also you who speak.

So what is it my friend? Do they hate the way you look, behave, believe, or choose to live? You cannot change that which by it’s very nature must push against you and challenges you to be every beautiful and precious thing you have to be.

Put down the pitchforks, tear down the walls, and let go of the chains. The anchors weigh heavy on us all without judgement but with reason. The strength you feel is your true self so crucify the ego, it’s not too late. For when it is, you’d never had made it to these words, you never would have had a chance to see all the glorious and wondrous things about life that I see.

(Please understand I mean this with much intensity towards everyone. I hold no quarter and hold myself to these same standards. I’m not trying to be a hipster, enlightened, nor do I view myself as special. I am merely letting these bottled up emotions go here on facebook because sometimes it makes me feel better. That is all.)

Being Right When the Status Quo is Wrong

Ampersand Daily2

I suppose most people would label me with titles like Libertarian, Anarchist, Independent, or even simply a lunatic. However, I’ve come to discover that there has never been or ever will there be a single word anyone could use to describe me. So when reading the title of this post, please do not assume things about me without first considering the content of the entire article and message I am attempting to convey to the world in this little corner of the internet.

I want to take you back on a journey of about 50 years. For those of you who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s may recall standing up to the government on many many issues. Civil Rights, The Vietnam War, Watergate, JFK, MLK, Kent State, and other people and events that helped shape this period in American History all happened because of one centrally planned and organized cartel of men and women who apparently, we have granted the authority to write rules down on pieces of paper, and enforce those rules through a fully armed and trained military/police forces. I often wonder, what was it that caused all of these people to stand up to the government? What sparked the notion that no one has the right to use force against others to get them to behave a certain way? Perhaps a more relevant question pertaining to this is, what happened to that spark? Why did millions of people lock arms in protest and defeat authoritarians hand over fist back then? Yet today, even suggesting you should do such a thing ensures you to be compartmentalized into a box with a label on it that says “Conspiracy Theorist Nut Job”. Curious question is it not?

Even myself, an individual who is happy to question the reality around me, finds myself speechless when I should be speaking up. I know there is no good justification for this and that it is morally wrong, yet, more often than not I simply stand there, knowing things aren’t right and feel trapped by my own fear and insecurity. I think this largely has to do with the majority of people who simply want to live their life oblivious to the ill’s of the world and vicariously through the portrayals of heroes in Hollywood movies. While I too live in a blissful manner and watch movies and enjoy the tales being told, I think I at least do manage to provide some thought-provoking and challenging ideas to those around me. I at least attempt to help push along this idea that humanity should be free of force and coercion and that some day, this kind of revolution will take place.

The thrust of this article is to point out the few human beings through history who have taken a much stronger stance against authoritarian ideologies and made great and even the ultimate sacrifices in doing so. I find that whether or not I agree with all of these people politically, I can at least understand them, and even appreciate their bravery in taking a stand for what they feel was right. I am going to refrain from providing specific examples to avoid making you think I believe in one thing or another and also because if you’re reading this, you probably have a really good idea of the people I am referring to. Instead, this is just to point out that when you take a stand against an aggressive authoritarian, often, you will have to give up much of your life or even be killed for doing so.

When the entire world bows down to a single ideology and believes that forcing everyone else to adhere to that idea is justified, it is considered a rebellious and dangerous act. While that may be true, I think it’s important to point out that the danger is not coming from the protester, the violence isn’t being forced upon the authoritarian, but rather the authoritarian is using force to ensure 100% loyalty and adherence to his or her rules. Rebelling against this dangerous ideology is not an act of terror as the majority of society will probably tell you, it is an action made once one realizes the only way to really be free is to challenge that forced unity and collective blind support. History is riddled with these figures that rise up against the authority of the time and end up in horrible situations just because they had a different idea of how human beings should live among one another. Ask yourselves, how highly can you really think about any political ideology that must force those who disagree into compliance? If it’s that great of an idea, shouldn’t persuasion be enough? I understand that when it actually is a good idea and a rebel uses violence to get their way that defensive violence is necessary. That however, is not what I’m attempting to convey to you.

I think a good example is Marijuana users. If they inhale the smoke from Marijuana when it’s illegal they will be thrown into a cage, violently. Yet, there hasn’t ever been a significant case where someone has over dosed due to the use of the drug nor has the simple act of indulging in the smoking of Marijuana ever produced a victim. Have people made poor decisions as result of Marijuana, probably, but that shouldn’t muddle the entire culture and market place surrounding the drug. Yet, if you dare even try it once and get caught, you and all your friends will end up in jail and with a horrible drug charge on your records. The government may even kill you if the police who are used to enforce the laws upon you are trigger happy psychopaths as we all to often see in the news any more.

When you know you are right about something that contradicts the status quo of government, your life becomes a danger to any authority who thrives of the laws you are breaking, even if those laws are totally unjustified. People have been beaten, jailed, or even killed for doing things that produced no theft, violence against others, or property damage. There are laws, it seems, simply for the sake of having laws at times and I find this to be a tragic situation where the powerful and wealthy benefit from their dominance over the rest of humanity, almost as if they simply enjoy controlling others with their police forces. Almost as if they get a sense of joy from it. This should be alarming to people out there, but I fear apathy greatly outweighs any justifiable concern people may have as most people simply want to be left alone.

There is a song by Rush that I believe outlines what I’m on about here called Closer to the Heart. Give it a listen and read the lyrics while you listen to it. It may do a better job trying to convey the message I’m trying to type out here for you and if so, then great. I hope to help others come to this message in any way I can other than force and coercion. I want to be the opposite of that and I think most people actually feel this way deep down. Seeing the way people are treated for actually acting on this practically though, it is understandable why people’s apathy mostly outweighs any desire to make a real positive change in the world. This however needs to erode as time pushes forward and the next generation comes up. Ask yourself, when will this world of ours stop bombing the crap out of each other? When will this world of ours see a superior level of peace and prosperity that the world has never enjoyed before? I have this belief that this is inevitable but also that if we don’t approach it with the proper line of sight, the cost of this happening will almost be far to great to consider. The choice is yours.

Thank you for the read!

Scott D. Vogler


Ampersand Daily2I have been asked many times, “If there was one thing in the world that you could get rid of what would it be?” For me, it’s not a physical object that you can have destroyed. It’s something intangible that branches out into so many areas of our lives and affects everything we do as individuals. That is of course, the human ego. Popular responses to that question are typically war, poverty, disease, and bigotry. Perhaps other than disease, the other three can be removed from the world by crucifying the ego. If people were not so desperate to please this part of themselves instead of focusing on what they truly want and who they truly are, perhaps we would not be so misunderstood with one another and violent reactions to debates and political discourse wouldn’t evolve into war. Perhaps if we were more willing to take care of ourselves and share with one another freely, no one would ever live in shortage. Maybe, if we realized there is no excuse to imagine ourselves being superior simply by proclamation no one would ever feel singled out for being different. Human beings who are given power to rule over others must be insane with ego. Who would actually want to force others to their views and tell others how to live? Does war simply come from the ego being threatened? Does the suggestion of letting go of your greed and arrogance cause you to have a violent reaction towards me? How many wars could have been averted simply by admitting to our flaws as individuals and sharing that experience with our supposed enemies by offering peace instead of war? I believe it is our ego which causes fear in our minds. Fear of the unknown and misunderstood leads to arguments and those arguments eventually lead to physical violence from domestic disputes at home to large-scale wars funded by tax dollars. I hear people making the excuse all the time for war, that is us versus them and it might as well be us who wins. Doesn’t that seem peculiar that people can acknowledge that war is wrong but at the same time be unwilling to put that into practical use in real life? To me, this is a mass scale delusional arrogance caused by the ego.   People cling to false identity all the time don’t they? They are Americans, they are black people, they are Mexicans  they are hippies, they are conservatives, atheist, Christians, white people, and any other label one can put on themselves in order to avoid being who they really are. Perhaps one might identify with some of the attributes of a particular label, but to me, no one label can define me for the simple fact that no one label is perfectly in tune with reality and good nature in human behavior. For years now, I have identified myself as a “libertarian” because I agree so whole heartily with the idea that human beings are best left to their own devices and should never use force or coercion when dealing with others around them.  I thought to myself, finally, a group of people who understand me and with whom I can identify with. I felt that strong sense of belonging and it was very dear to me. That sense is still dear to me, however it comes now to me with a greater sense of awareness. I do not agree with every last drop of what my libertarian friends have to say. Once again, I am met with this idea of collectivism and realize that it cannot define me as a complete person. Instead, I’ve learned to control my emotions and identify those emotions for what they really are, my true self trying to break through to the surface. The image below illustrates various degrees of similar emotions. When you look at it, try to think about the last discussion you had where you became agitated, where do you think your emotions land on the chart? In my opinion the closer to the middle you get, the closer to your ego’s desires you get. I believe the more intense emotions we feel in life spawn from an unhealthy amount of ego. It’s after you take a step back and identify how you would rather feel about things that you can begin to shed your ego.  Instead of feeling rage, why not take a step back and think about how that will affect not just yourself, but the people around you. The idea I’m attempting to get across is that as an individual, one can learn to control their emotions and identify when their ego is attempting to over take our true selves. I’m starting to realize that no matter how much I try to persuade, the almighty middle finger will endlessly trump any kind of polite and respectable discourse I had planned. I am so very close to forgetting about politics in general. All I see anymore is “I believe this!” “But I believe that!” and two middle fingers and two angry sour faces and further division of humanity into two completely compartmentalized groups of thought. We are being reduced to the lowest common denominator. The ego is being fed all the best parts of who and what we are as individuals and I am deeply saddened by this as I have to admit I am along for the ride as well. After 1000 death threats, personal attacks, and flat-out ignorant ravings towards me I’ve come to the conclusion that neither the left or the right has any validity what so ever if the best they can come up with in the end is forcing the other side to live how they see fit with violence and coercion. You deserve each other. I was called a coward earlier today for saying this and it really had me thinking about if I really am just afraid and yes, part of me really is afraid, afraid of losing myself in the chaos that is politics. Afraid of losing my identity as an individual because of labels. Afraid of losing my sanity because no one will listen to me….sure I am afraid, but how afraid will you be once you can’t remember who you were before? How afraid will you be once you realize your ego has finished taking you over? How brave will you be when trying to scratch and claw your way back into who you used to be? I have painted my own Mona Lisa folks, she is beautiful and puts a smile on my face and humbles me and would have me be myself and share the best parts of myself with others…not rant and rave like a lunatic and flip everyone off who disagrees with me. Instead, I’m going to focus on my self, how to control my emotions, improving myself, and leaving my ego behind when I can afford to do so.   Thank you for reading!   Scott D. Vogler

Music Review: Kyuss Blues for the Kyuss Fan; Devil’s Advocate (Part 2 of 3)

I have thought about this particular case a lot since it’s happened. I know one of the reasons why is because I just absolutely love Kyuss’ music. Anything that tarnishes the awesome music they produced makes me feel a bit angry at those responsible and I have an emotional reaction to it. This part of the 3 part article is to install a sense of contrast. Perhaps I am wrong for feeling the way I do in some ways and I believe in challenging yourself in order to understand yourself better. To know why you feel the way you feel and to learn whether or not your initial reaction to a situation is a factually correct reaction to have. This case, as a whole, provides a lot of very important lessons one can use in other areas of life and for that reason, I chose to go into great detail and write a blog entry about the case in order to both share the story and also hopefully grow my understanding of ideas like “intellectual property”.

When this case first hit the web, my initial reaction was to throw my anger towards Josh Homme and Scott Reeder. That anger has the potential to be misappropriated because as Josh and Scott point out, Brandt and John filed papers as well, to claim ownership over the name sake Kyuss. This goes against my idea of intellectual property as well so why should I just be angry with Josh and Scott? After thinking about this further I’ve discovered I now feel quite differently about everything that happened. I find myself dividing that initial frustration unto Brandt and John as well. Why do they all believe that they should own Kyuss? Don’t they remember the excitement that came with writing and performing those songs? Has their successes and failures in life lead them to forget what it was like to be a fan of your favorite rock and roll band? Is it no longer about the fun, joy, and challenge of creating something special with their given talents in order to embrace the cold confines of financial security and ownership of ideas? Looking at the picture below, it makes me realize that at one time all these guys were friends, band mates, and colleagues. Somewhere along the line, something must have happened between them that lead to all this. That said, maybe, just maybe, something else can happen to lead to another fully fleshed out Kyuss project down the road. Though I’m not getting my hopes up.

Perhaps then there is an alternative way for someone like myself to view such a tragic situation such as this. I don’t have to like that Kyuss is no longer going to ever exist or perform any of their classics or create anything new for audiences to enjoy and pay for. It’s all about the money to all of these men when it comes to Kyuss it seems. Though I did appreciate being able to see Kyuss Lives! for the last time and I appreciate the effort of continuing Kyuss by Brandt and John I find I must place some blame on them as well for not trying to work harder with Josh and Scott on finding a private resolution to this situation. While I still disagree with Josh and Scott’s lawsuit, I can say now that I understand why they did what they did. I just wish everyone involved could have found an agreement and not ruined one of the greatest unknown 90’s hidden gem of a band that has inspired me for quite a long time now.

What’s done is done however, the past is the past for a reason. From here on, I will find myself enjoying Kyuss for the epic band they were, the songs for the classics they are, and also all of these musicians career’s as they continue to write their stories with Vista Chino and Queens of the Stoneage.  I must admit though that my frustration with Josh and Scott lead me to pre-maturely boycott the release of Queens of the Stoneage’s …Like Clockwork. Perhaps it is time for me to let the past be the past and press play on the present so that I can enjoy what I know will be a quality effort from Josh Homme with Queens of the Stoneage.

So, at the end of my frustration with this story, I find myself fine with the squabble between the former band mates. I see now that it is their failure to find an agreement that lead to this situation, not that my ideals are failed. I keep thinking back to Wizards of the Coast and their Dungeons and Dragons character. They must have heard about this story by now and still, no news of a major lawsuit against any one of the former members of Kyuss for reaping the rewards of being in a band with the name of a character which they indeed created for their monetary interest. Perhaps then there still are good people who just love to have a good time, share ideas freely, and let each other benefit from one another without putting up barriers and walls to divide ourselves from one another. The Devil’s Advocate has failed to persuade me that I had everything all wrong. That I should just forget about my principles, that the right things happened here, and that I am just being too critical or overly sensitive. Obviously, music and art mean much more to me than the average person. These things have an obvious and much welcome impact on my life and I am not ashamed to admit that. That is why I cared so much about this case.

Now that I feel I’ve explained this as much as I possibly could in two parts, it is time to do the review of the album. The next part of this series is going to focus specifically and only on the album Blues for the Red Sun by Kyuss. There will but no mention of any of this behind the scenes drama and will be strictly about the albums qualities and why I love it so much. I hope that by the time you read this article in full you would have already listened to the entire album and understand why it is a tragedy that Kyuss can no longer exist no matter what anyone says or thinks or feels.

And now, Blues for the Red Sun

Please come back for the 3rd and final installment! 

You Only Hear What You Want To!

Ampersand Daily2Sometimes in life I run into situations where I find myself unable to easily accept the situation going on around me. All of which happens on a small personal scale, local scale, and even larger national or global scale. I’ve been told that I only hear what I want to several times by several people and I have to admit that sometimes this is true. Though I don’t celebrate this fact, I know it to be a true weakness not only of myself but by humanity in general. I always try to look at things from different perspectives and I thought this “catch phrase” would be an interesting idea to explore in some detail through my word press.

First of all, I question whether or not this behavior is always a bad thing or a weakness. Sometimes, what you want to hear, is probably the ideal outcome of the situation you find yourself in. In a world so ruthless and unforgiving, I’m sure many human beings have begged and wished for a better situation in life. Is it not that desire which sometimes pulls us through difficult times and tough situations? The idea that you can over come and the imagination of your goals being accomplished can give you the positive energy you need to get through. Only hearing what you want to hear in these terms to me simply means you want to maintain a good thing in your life and keep it a healthy part of what you’re trying to achieve with your life. This though, is not why you hear people saying “You only hear want you want to.”

The reason you usually hear someone saying “you only hear what you want to” is when you are being stubborn on an issue and unable to process difficult information without making an ass out of yourself. This is when you get in an argument over politics or sometime more simple like who should clean the living room. I would say that most of the time, only hearing what you want to hear only has it’s downsides because you are incapable of allowing communication to take place between yourself and another which in turn ruins any chance of a productive and  healthy outcome. The real honest truth is often very difficult to hear and often interferes with our plans, but avoiding the truth is often more dangerous and risky than it is to face it head on and accept the challenge of that situation.

I think it comes down to a healthy regulation of one’s ego to over come this situation where you simply aren’t going to listen to anyone’s advice. Remember that you alone will never always be right about certain things. The people in your life who love you and would look after you no matter what are there to help you, don’t forget that. We live in a world of endless distractions and ways to escape reality, don’t allow that, no matter how entertaining, to get between you and significant others in your life. This doesn’t mean simply give up on your ideas and beliefs, but it does mean adapting to the reality going on around you in a way that benefits not only yourself, but those around you as well.

Speaking of only hearing what you want to, if you like this article, I have other philosophical articles that relate to politics, religion, and even pop culture. This blog is intended to speak my mind on a plethora of different topics and try to consider all kinds of different perspectives. There are a couple of music review articles on the way and also am working on my first movie review. I’m always working on new articles and want to truly be a daily source of new information, but have found it difficult to keep up. If you aren’t a fan of one of my articles, like this one, please check out my other articles. You may find yourself enjoying a topic you may never have considered before. That is my goal here, to get people to start being curious about the world again so they CAN start hearing good news, the things they WANT to hear coming true. I want to be part of anything that helps that process for even one person on the planet.

Thank you for reading!

Scott D. Vogler