#metalgate – The Future of Regression

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This article is being crafted only to inspire my readers to seek and destroy anything that looks like censorship or regression.

Over the last year and change I have been heavily involved with a GG spin off group of metalheads called #metalgate. This is a response to a truly awful, creepy, and dangerous ideology which has taken on many labels over the years. If you are into heavy metal and have been for a while you are no stranger to that of which I speak.

Those of you who grew up with metal in the 80’s will remember the PMRC hearings where musicians were forced to explain themselves to a bunch of busy body politicians wives who got offended at their content. If you grew up in the 90’s you saw this happen with gangster rap and video games and then again with video games with #GamerGate.

Whether it is religious groups, feminist, or any other brand of overly sensitive histrionic types there always seems to be a vapid desire to silence others and take over which ever scene they are a part of and use it as a vehicle to drive home their agenda.

At this point in history I think it’s safe for me to assume most people have seen and are aware of what I speak so in light of all that’s happened since GG I am now appealing to anyone with ears to listen to actively seek out and destroy any acts of regression against free speech.

The ante keeps being raised higher and higher it seems with each passing day as society deteriorates by being unwilling to address reality on its own terms. We see constant fear mongering about racism, sexism, and bigotry abound. The consequences of which are bountiful and harmful to anyone in this society that dreams of a Star Trek future and actually wants to see humanity reach for the stars. You must recognize these acts of regression are pre-cursors to acts of outright barbarism and aggression. You must have noticed by now the attempts by the US and other countries to outright control speech online through bills like SOPA and CISPA.

You must realize that large companies love the mentality that comes with demanding 100% capitulation with a certain ideology because it means all they have to do is market their wares to appeal to such a small minded way of thinking and people will buy in droves. This happy-go-lucky, everything is fine mentality is rotting our collective minds on many more levels than commercial however.

The State and Federal Government also enjoy this homogeneous society which is forming around everyone’s childish behavior and notion that they have a right to not be offended by anything. It allows the left wing to champion more laws and grow government and grants permission to the right to over compensate with bully tactics and fear mongering.

Keep your panties dry folks I am painting with a broad brush on purpose here and am being ambiguous so that you are not lead into information on my terms but in hopes that you yourself with choose a battlefield that you’re passionate about, seek out the censors, and destroy them where they stand.

I personally don’t care whether you’re left or right nearly as much as I care if you are for freedom of speech and the freedom for each and every human being to be allowed to express themselves however they see fit. No matter how controversial, disgusting, offensive, or polite they might be about things. It makes me absolutely sick to see some degenerate scum bag going around crying about how offended they are and telling on someone because they said something they didn’t approve of. I often feel like Agent Smith from the Matrix in the scene where he explains to Morpheus how disgusted he is with The Matrix, that he just wants to get out.