Why Batman Should Be Kind Of A Dick


First of all, for the sake that the very thought of what inspired Bruce Wayne and Batman was a merciless vigilante with a mean streak and a disdain for the criminal element. I’m sick of the PG version of Batman that everyone can relate to. It’s time to elevate Bruce and Batman to their proper throne rooms where they rule with an iron fist and vengeance.

I see a lot of whining about Batman holding a gun in the new ads for Batman V. Superman but I cannot help but cheer. I also cheered in Man of Steel when they took Kal El’s character to a darker place. It might not set well with mainstream audiences but for me this direction is bad ass. I never really identified all that well with Superman other than I knew he was basically a God in DC cannon. That always made him a much less interesting character to me because his stories are so simplistic. He’s basically God, as I said, and can just do stuff to win. I can remember defending Batman from Superman fans when I was younger quoting everything Batman fans always say to Superman fans. Here’s my go to line. “Look, I don’t care, Batman wins some how.” I will make up the most incredible stories about how Batman destroys Superman. I apply the same logic behind Superman but because Bruce is just a human being you have to explain a whole hell of a lot between Batman fighting Superman and Batman defeats Superman because Superman as far as mainstream audiences are concerned is God, remember that! Like the taste of your own medicine Superman?



I hope they bring out some of the least desirable aspects of Superman. I would continue to focus on his guilty feelings about killing General Zod in Man of Steel. I would also focus on his character as an alien trying to mix in to society and becoming a bit more authoritative about his actions. Make him kind of a politician of sorts. Too be looked upon in the same manner you’d look upon Zuez or Thor. Understand that his unbelievable powers are required in the DC Universe but also be able to question his motives at times. Avoid making him infallible so that way you can work in how Bruce can exploit him. Not exploit Superman, the god being that can fly, has god like strength, laser eyes, etc. But exploit Kal El, the character, the subject of Superman himself. Exploit his moral compass, rally other more powerful beings against him, but wait in the shadows and find that one physical weakness of Kal El and go in for the kill. I do not expect them to take it that far but I would absolutely stand up an cheer if they had Batman kill Superman in the movie but of course we have to have a huge franchise out of it with Justice League movies and all that circus.



At any rate, the weight the story is given when both “Heroes” have questionable motives and/or abilities is very much needed dive into character development that takes on a much more serious tone.  After the cascade of super hero movies that reached mainstream status recently I am very hopeful that BvS brings an entirely new flavor to the genre. I love all of that Marvel stuff as much as the next guy but honestly it’s always been about The Bat for me and Marvel, while awesome, doesn’t have a character that I take as personally as Batman.
Batman should be that dude who has mercilessly plotted out his course in life and figured out the strengths and weaknesses of all his adversaries. His ability to succeed in business allows him access to more material goods and other resources than your average human being. He is able to find a way to exploit any situation. For me, Batman needs to be a rated R violent as fuck super bad ass anti-hero that you hate half the time but also come to respect. If you’re just a plain clothes criminal, fuck you, you die on the spot if need be and maybe Bruce has a bit of a sick sense of humor about killing them, just to add that extra incentive to kind of hate him for Superman fans.

The fan in me needs Batman to listen to Death and Black metal when driving in the Bat-mobile, of course! If I could have direct control over the character he would become Marv from Sin City meets Rorschach from Watchmen meets Tony Stark/Ironman. A very suave but brutal man whose rich beyond rich, has the looks, the toughness, the shitty and paranoid attitude to boot, but also such a bad ass that everyone benefits from his presence. All the technology he invents should be another undeniable quality for Bruce to add some other dimension to his over all character.

These are just my opinions of course. They are mostly in response to an article, which I won’t link here, demanding to know why Bats was holding a shot-gun in one of the promos for BvS. Get over it, it’s entertainment and I can only hope because you whined about it that the film-maker goes balls to the wall and makes you completely hate Batman because then I will know why I’ve always preferred Batman to be a bit of a mother fucker that someone like you would hate.  #KillTheManofSteel


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