The Case of Safe: A MetalGate Journal

Credit: Corey Milesch
Credit: Corey Milesch

It has been a little over 4 months now since I started the #MetalGate Band Facebutt group and over that time I have learned a ton not only about heavy metal but myself as well. I came at this as a life long prog-rock fan not knowing what I was really getting myself into all because I simply cannot stand extremist ideologies such as Social Justice Warriors and radical feminism.

I was semi-involved with #GamerGate and noticed a few SJW’s starting to talk shit about Heavy Metal as well. Initially my intention was to show that Heavy Metal doesn’t need social justice and more importantly to stand in the way of ANYONE who might try to censor the artists even if I didn’t like their views or music. Over the initial few weeks of #metalgate it morphed more into anti-censorship than anything else and things since then have been pretty slow-moving. This gave me ample opportunity to get to know some life long metal heads and learn a ton about heavy metal history. I now feel a lot more confident speaking on these issues but realize I still have a ton to learn.

This journal entry, however, is to point out a few issues that I see causing a bunch of confusion in the group and among metal heads.

One of the main tell-tale signs of what we call a social justice warrior is something they refer to as a “safe space” where supposedly people can be free from criticism, bullying, and harassment of any kind. Since the beginning of #metalgate and the start of the Facebutt group there have been several individuals now who have left the group which of course they are free to do without anyone following them around or harassing them. We have better things to do!

The reason I bring this up is to illustrate a very important tenant of at least my Facebutt group. That it is not a “safe space” or a “hug box.” The group is not a place where you can expect people to constantly agree with you, hold your hand, or feel bad for you when people vehemently disagree with you. We’re not going to succumb to tone policing, concern trolling, or guilt trips!

People have left for a number of reasons. The first two people were sympathetic to social justice and/or critical of metalgate in general. Those two were understandable and I saw that coming a mile away though I would have loved for them to stay just to have the discussions and debates that come with them. A couple of other people however seemed to have left because people didn’t like their favorite bands, music, or sub-genre of metal and got into heated arguments about it and seemed to expect me and other admins to do something about it.

Very early on we tried to make it very clear that there would be no censorship what so ever unless it was spamming/trolling for no good reason other than to clutter the group up and distract from the group’s purpose and function. If you missed it, please look at the groups pinned post and listen to the audio file. People were notified very early on that “feelings” would not be nearly as important as actual reason and logic.

So, if you’re reading this and I or someone else has pissed you off or you don’t like our little group/crew then you are welcome to leave. I’d rather have a handful of dedicated ProMG people in here rather than a bunch of whiny mincey little faggot balls who buckle under the slightest scrutiny. We are here to be STRONGER than SJW’s, religious fundies, and pro-censorship people not give in to them or prove anything to them. I don’t care about looking like the good guy so take your ball and go home if that’s what you want.

Just because I don’t like your favorite band and talk shit about them doesn’t mean I’m a god damn social justice warrior or am in any way interested in censoring you or your favorite band. If only you knew how much I’ve had my ass KICKED over the rock music I like by some of my best friends who are involved with the group you’d be ashamed of yourself for acting out like a little kid does when they don’t get that toy they wanted so bad.

We’ve already shown that this group is willing to stand up to censorship of ANY kind whether it be through government action or by more coercive and/or online threats and harassment thrown towards artists like the rock band Black Pussy saw and continues to see from radfems. Not many of us in here are even fans of the band Black Pussy and have even vehemently criticized their music to the point of complete and utter dismissal of them as a legit band worth listening to yet we STILL stand up for their right to create music.

So please, those of you finding yourself getting butthurt frequently either grow up, grow thicker skin, figure yourself out, and get over it or don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It’s your choice because no one here is going to kick you out or try to silence you.

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