@The405radio a #GamerGate-Friendly Media Outlet

Outstanding idea! I am all for more #gate movements. I am already a part of #metalgate as an anti-censorship movement.

Too Geek To Function

I’m bringing this “GamerGate Friendly Media” topic up because I hear a lot of people discussing and asking “what can we do to expand the movement? What can we do to broaden its appeal? How do we appeal to non-gamers and get buy-in.”  I think it’s important to highlight any non-gamer who gets invested in or promotes #GamerGate in some way. Non-gamer interest in the movement and in stopping SJWs from controlling the narrative is important and it lends legitimacy to the movement. It shows that it’s not just gamers getting impacted–this highjacking of culture by SJWs can impact anyone’s fandom or avocation. Remember #MetalGate?  If you didn’t hear about #MetalGate, check out Sargon of Akkad’s video The Problem With Heavy Metal Is Metalheads or Mundane Matt’s video WTF is #MetalGate?

This is the type of thing Milo Yiannopoulos was talking about in his recent article on #GamerGate: The Authoritarian Left…

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