Police officers waste £600,000 of taxpayers’ cash putting wrong fuel in cars… despite talking fuel caps designed to warn them

lol that’s so bad it’s just funny.

Stop Making Sense

From The Independent:

Careless police officers have wasted more than £600,000 of taxpayers’ money in the past four years by filling up their patrol cars with the wrong type of fuel, The Independent has learnt.

The figures, revealed in a Freedom of Information request, relate to 37 out of the 40 police forces in England and Wales. Data from 15 of the forces was incomplete – meaning that the real cost of misfuelling is likely to amount to thousands more. The data shows that the cost of the errors since 2009 amounts to at least £600,614.

In the past, police forces have even spent money on “talking fuel caps” and warning signs in an attempt to curb the errors, but hundreds of officers are still pumping gallons of the wrong fuel into their tanks.


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