Modesty: A Chain Broken


I have very powerful feelings inside of me nearly locked away but every day I stay the key and keep the lock open.

Often I am rendered silent by the complexity of those feelings realizing my vocabulary lacks the required breadth to communicate them.

From the political loyalty of the paradigm to the cultural biases of honesty and crime my words fall upon apathetic minds focused on winning wars for their own kind.

I speak of humanistic prosperity, togetherness, anarchy, and peace only to be vilified, divided, controlled, and fleeced.

I care not who you voted for last cycle nor what rally you attended last week. I care not for the cause you hold upon high or which enemy you choose to vilify.

I see massive fingers directed by massive ego’s pointing and poking and prodding each other’s claims of supremacy. I see the broken lumps of flesh and bone caught in between.

I see the satisfaction of victory over the “the ways of old” while the “ways of old” shine through the new order of things.

You tell me I’m hurting “the movement” as if I belong for speaking words gone silent far too long. To that I say, the truth and the world is much stranger than the fiction of any so called “movement”.

Your group of pals and collection of ideas only a grain of dust among an eternal inferno of information. Stick together, just don’t lose yourself in your group mental masturbation.

If only you knew how afraid they were of you. If you could only admit that your fervor aligns with their fear. If only you could see the ties than bind you perhaps then the world could be free.

You see not the dire straights of those opposite your dilemma only the fear filled melodrama of their words that fill the air around you. Not a mirror in sight that you can see, not a mirror nor a reflection that it’s also you who speak.

So what is it my friend? Do they hate the way you look, behave, believe, or choose to live? You cannot change that which by it’s very nature must push against you and challenges you to be every beautiful and precious thing you have to be.

Put down the pitchforks, tear down the walls, and let go of the chains. The anchors weigh heavy on us all without judgement but with reason. The strength you feel is your true self so crucify the ego, it’s not too late. For when it is, you’d never had made it to these words, you never would have had a chance to see all the glorious and wondrous things about life that I see.

(Please understand I mean this with much intensity towards everyone. I hold no quarter and hold myself to these same standards. I’m not trying to be a hipster, enlightened, nor do I view myself as special. I am merely letting these bottled up emotions go here on facebook because sometimes it makes me feel better. That is all.)