The Mirror: Just Look at Yourself

The Mirror

This blog is meant to be a place of positivism and open mindedness. I enjoy bringing an unencumbered and positive messages to anyone who reads from many topics which include technology, politics, social studies, and other areas of interest, however, sometimes I feel it is necessary to reach into the dark side of humanity to discover hidden truth’s about us. This article is about human nature, not anyone in particular. Also, realizing I am not being original or very clever in pointing out what I consider to be flaws in humanity, I am fully aware of my short comings and my negativity is mostly my own reflections of my short comings being projected out onto the reader. I am not a professional practitioner of psychology or sociology so please do not think I believe my words are solution for every last person, please also do not imagine me to being coy with my words in this article.

As we descend into this challenging article, I want to recognize old and wise words which say that it is our flaws which make us who we are the most as we strive to be a more perfect human being. This is not an attempt to wish failure upon anyone but rather an attempt to get my reader to look deeply into themselves at some things that perhaps are not comfortable dealing with. Speaking for myself, one of my biggest flaws as a person is an inherent inability to handle harsh yet constructive criticism. When met with this challenge from another, I recoil in horror to a shyness from which I find it difficult to recover. The first thoughts in my mind when met with this are typically of a very negative nature, not giving he or she the benefit of doubt and imagining the worst possible thing about them. Coming to the point, this flaw of mine is being remedied more and more every time I converse with someone who is challenging me. If not for my willingness to look my situation right in the hairy eye ball and accepting who I am, I would not know what I want to become. I would not realize there are many paths out of this situation. Which brings me to what I consider one of the most detestable and tragic flaws of humanity on a collected scale. The unwillingness to admit imperfection.

In earlier articles I wrote of bullies and how I deal with them. Offering solutions for how to deal with a bully is one thing, but now I have to turn the tables on the idea and consider the possibility of being a bully of sorts myself. Not only myself but others who may feel they have been treated unfairly by a bully in their lives for it is well known that the meanest of bullies get that way from being bullied themselves and could not find it within themselves to face their flaws and stand up for who and what they are. The real tragedy of this is that the solution eluded them because of an unwillingness to simply admit to their flaws. Every human being has limits, which are yours? What an important yet poignant question to have to ask yourself. However poignant it may be, it is akin to setting a broken bone or pulling a rotted tooth. The pain is extreme, yet must be done in order to bring healing into the realm of possibility. This to me appears to be a fact as solid as the ground we walk upon, but again, I am no professional.

Are we born to live with this propensity? Does everyone suffer this as consequence of living and breathing? Or do we learn it through systematic psychological abuse through social interactions and entertainment designed to lower our sense of self? Are we as a species doomed to live in perpetuity with this unwillingness to look directly into the mirror and see our flaws? How deep does the matter go? Is it something humans are just naturally adherent to or do we learn it as I posed before? Difficult questions demanding lengthy and in depth answers and I shall attempt to discover some satisfactory answers as this article continues. In the spirit of this article and keeping consistent with the message of these words, I shall look deep into this rabbit hole and attempt to bring out the treasure at the bottom. In order to address this further I want to take a look at society as a collective hive mind for a while and share my feelings about our world, harsh as those feelings may be, please try to read between the lines.

I am well aware a great many of you out there will not read these words, you had already moved on before even finishing the first paragraph for a various reasons and that to me is perfectly fine. However, I struggle to find a reason other than mere avoidance of the truth for why you wouldn’t be interested in this topic. When breaching this topic with others around me I hear many reasons, I’m too busy, I have kids to worry about, I’m too tired, etc, etc. While everyone has a right to avoid this, I urge you to imagine how much less busy, tired, and worried you would be if you discovered how much happier you would be accepting yourself for who you are.  There are enough people out there who fit this description for it to be safe for me to put them in a group. I realize I am taking great liberty in labeling here, for which I will make no apology because I too fit into this group at times as I’ve described my flaws and am willing to admit my laziness in dealing with them at times. Coming to point, put in mind the amount of people who surround you at this very moment who not only fit into this group, but give meaning to it’s very existence.

I am describing a mass scale delusion of vanity and perfection, the likes of which bring about unspeakable tragedy. The bigger question to me then is of scale. Are the leaders of our communities, cities, counties, states, and nations members of this group as well? I would bet on it which is the precise reason of breaching this subject in the first place. This brings us to the incredible difficulty of solution since it is on an individual basis remedy is found, how is society to ever over come? The prospect of perpetuity of this egocentric attitude is more than alarming, it is nightmarish in it’s complexity. It’s remedy eludes me at every turn and burns a hole in my heart and mind when I discover just how few of us living are even willing to ask a single solitary question of ourselves, much less on the larger scale of society. I believe it is that which we dare not speak or think of which leads to war and many other tragic events from which we are further scarred and damaged.

I see this whole process culminating in the quest in some men and women’s hearts to force their views on others through government regulation and force. Why is it that in the quest for peace, we lose focus of what that means and give a monopoly of power and force to just a few among us to force others to behave the way we would see fit? We live in a world where in one situation it is totally wrong to force anyone to do anything yet, if you create a law out of that idea, it is perfectly fine and accepted when people are beaten, tortured, jailed, and sometimes murdered for behaving even a little bit outside the realm of The Law. To me, there is nothing more ugly than the fact that while government does provide some legitimate services, the price for those services is human life. The price is losing your humanity and honesty because you would rather pay your taxes and have bully cops order people around, yet leave you alone when it’s your turn to be confronted by this ugly brute of a system. It’s not right and this needs to change if humanity is to survive and reach into the universe. If it does not change, I am afraid we will be stuck on this old rock for good and die with it as a species. We would never make it among the stars in our current situation and mind set. We would quickly find something to make us strive for even more power and domination over others. We are bullies, each and every one of us and to those few out there who I know for sure are not, I thank you for giving me hope that perhaps one day, on this tiny little rock we call home, our species will know peace amongst one another. Underneath all that bigotry, intolerance, racism, and hatred is a heart of gold. The question is, what does it take to crack off the ugly crust which covers it?

Scott D. Vogler

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