Playing Guitar


This is going to be a short and hopefully entertaining, far less formal entry because I simply want to describe what I feel when I’m playing guitar. There are times where I hear music in my head and simply humming it out isn’t enough. I need to feel the vibrations from my guitar to be satisfied. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting everything to work in harmony and play that tune in your head that you just need to express. Playing a song to near perfection causes my mind to drift into this wonderful and playful part of my mind and I feel nothing but inspiration, even when it’s a somber tune.

My body seems to become energized after putting the guitar back on its rack. Often I will play some guitar before cleaning the apartment or going out with people just to get in a better mood. Guitar has at times pulled me out of those ruts in life most of us find ourselves in throughout life. Just the idea that humanity desired to express itself with this tool we call Guitar brings a smile to my face. Something which allows us to set ourselves apart from the herd by expressing those things we feel deep inside, but can’t seem to put them to words. Not for playing guitar anyways. For me, playing guitar reaches something deeper in my mind that allows me to think about the walls I’ve built around myself and over come them.

If you have never even tried to play guitar and have an interest, I can’t imagine what you’re waiting for. Even if you all you can afford is a cheap Wal-Mart guitar, go buy one anyways. They can be modified for a fair price to play very nicely so do not worry so much about brand at first. Just to learn how to play notes, chords, and of course covering your favorite songs is well worth getting one as soon as possible. For those of you who already play, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional level player, keep on playing everyone! Keep on coming up with all of the fun, serious, and hard-core guitar pieces you can muster and share them with everyone you know. Music is a special gift of life, enjoy it!

Space & Weapons


Recently the news has been full of stories about drones and how they will impact the world. While I feel this topic is very important, there is another topic with even more significance to human development. The topic of which I speak is of course “space based weaponry”. While the official line is that there are treaties preventing nuclear warheads in space, there are other weapons which we could potentially see in our earth’s orbit. Much of what I will cover is in theory, but some of it has been tested before. As we see it now, it is not a clear case of whether or not they are up there now, but knowing that military’s around the world have and are testing platforms in our orbit.

As a futurist, I understand that technology will inevitably come out, the reason I like to talk so much about this is because I hope to be a voice of reason and a reminder about what humanity has done with powerful technology in the past. I would like to avoid such mistakes going forward so I hope my words inspire cooler heads to prevail. I do not want to make these weapons “cool” or “awesome” but rather discuss how this would impact the world politically. Hopefully a lot of you out there feel the same as I do because I would rather scientist focus on other more important technologies involving space travel, mining, and defensive measures against space’s many dangers.

To start, I’m going to go over what I consider to be smaller weapons systems designed to protect a satellite from enemies or destroy space based targets, or more bluntly put, anti-satellite weapons. The Soviet Union designed and created a satellite named Almaz starting in the early 1960’s. This lead to an integration in another program named Salyut programme. These 3 satellites, named Salyut were also referred to as OPS 1, 2, and 3. These were reconnaissance drones in orbit armed with a self lubricating, 23mm Nudelman rapid-fire cannon. These were mounted onto the satellite for defensive and offensive purposes. These destructive tools had a maximum rate of fire of around 850 rounds per minute and shot 23x115mm caliber rounds with a muzzle velocity of 690 m/s. That’s some serious fire-power. A fourth OPS satellite, OPS-4, would have also been equipped with Shchit-2, which was reported to have a duo of projectile systems. Perhaps rockets were to be employed on this project? Supposedly there are no photo’s of this weapon’s system so I cannot confirm its existence in actual orbit. It is believed it was never deployed. The entire Almaz program did not become all it was meant to become, but the ideas have been tested as far back as the 1960’s.

More advanced space-to-space weapons were also tested by the Soviets. In the late 1980’s, the Soviets were set to launch the Polyus spacecraft into orbit. The Polyus, also known as Skif-DM, was equipped with a megawatt carbon dioxide laser system designed to be an anti-satellite system. Carbon Dioxide Lasers were invented by Kumar Patel, from India, in 1964. Mr. Patel worked for Bell Labs at the time of this invention. Just a few short years later it found itself being launched into orbit attached to a space ship. This vessel however did not make it into orbit as a faulty guidance computer failed as the ship separated from the rocket. It was meant to spin 180 degrees and launch itself into orbit, instead, it did a 360 degree turn and burned up in the atmosphere. This was during the height of The Space Race, if there are any remnants of that same “race” going on today, I’m sure we’ll find out just how far this has all come.


Next, I’ll be providing details on another type of space based weapons technology which emerged from the Space Race and Cold War. Earth-to-space weapons systems were developed for a number of reasons, but I feel there is one that stands out. If you’ve ever lived in the country side like myself, you have probably heard of Wild Life population control, where certain hunters are granted permission to hunt and kill certain over populated animals in the local eco-system. I know that sounds way off topic, but I think it perfectly describes The Kessler Syndrome.

The Kessler Syndrome, also called the Kessler Effect, collisional cascading, or ablation cascade, was proposed by a NASA scientist named Donald J. Kessler in 1978. Kessler Syndrome is an event in which the density of objects in low-Earth orbit is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade – each collision generating debris which increases the likelihood of further collisions. This could lead to rendering exploration and the use of satellites unfeasible for a very long time.  Earth to Space weapons systems were designed to destroy objects in low-orbit in order to thin out the possibility of these kinds of collisions. In my view, this is a hugely important area of research and love the idea of perfecting satellite technology and use. Much like hunters thinning out the herd, this system is designed to maintain a healthier low-earth orbit environment as newer and better satellites are developed.


Of course this technology is also in the hands of the military, which for obvious reasons have explored the use of inter-continental ballistics, Anti-Satellite weapons, and Kinetic Kill systems. The most famous example of this was proposed by President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983. The Strategic Defense Initiative included a research program dedicated to developing anti-ICBMs defensive systems. These systems would be equipped with kinetic kill, laser, and other ballistic weapons systems and was named Star Wars by those who proposed and funded the program. There were also Space-to-Air satellites designed to employ a high-powered laser to destroy an ICBM launched towards American soil. The entire idea behind this project was to create a defensive space based weapons platform to defend from nuclear missiles launched from other countries.

Another type of space based weapons platform would be called Space-to-Earth weaponry. Orbital bombardment is any attack from space on a ground based target on a planet’s surface. It is believed that there are no such weapons systems in existence, however, this idea is not a result of the latest science fiction movie, there are well-known examples of governments since World War 2, straight through the Cold War, seeking and developing technologies on this level. At this point I want to remind you about why I felt the need to write this article. While I support space based anything, I believe the correct motivations need to be present before launching anything into space involving the use of a weapon. A weapons system with global coverage is not only dangerous, but would fundamentally change life on earth. Not to mention, very expensive, I believe our efforts would be much better put to use in developing technologies to clean our atmosphere, capture incoming asteroids, creating protection from Solar Activity, and exploration.

Though it is believed there are no such systems, I feel it’s important to note that it is known that the National Socialist NAZI party proposed an idea for a so-called “Sun Gun”. Also the Soviets deployed a what they called a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System in 1968 to 1983. Eventually, the Soviets successfully launched a working unit into orbit, but were prohibited by the Outer Space Treaty to place live warheads in space. Later, another Outer Space Treaty was put forth which prohibited the deployment of any system which could use a weapon of mass destruction in a partial orbit. Conventional warheads are still permissible but are not yet proven to be effective. These rely on large tungsten carbide/uranium cermet rods dropped from orbit and use kinetic energy. These types of war-heads have the nick name “Rods from God”.


I wrote this article because I care about the future development of our species. While we enjoy our entertainment, sports programs, and our lives please realize there is another world out there, one where very powerful and very real technologies are being developed and pushed into reality. I don’t often hear very much about these technologies in the news so in an attempt to raise awareness and interest in science and technology I’m writing this article. I suppose if I were to want to ask any question of my readers, I would ask you to think about what you would rather develop just as we begin to reach into the stars. Weapons platforms designed to kill and control human beings or technologies which focus on exploration, transportation, geo-maintenance, and protection? I believe weapons systems can serve a purpose in space, however, I believe it should remain a defensive measure and never offensive. In fact, I would like to see anti-aggression measures put into practical account with technologies based around weaponry. These technologies would make it impossible to use weapons in an aggressive initiation of force. However, once used in a defensive situation, it should be capable of a wide range of capabilities. Namely, the prevention of the Kessler Syndrome.

Scott D. Vogler

Head down, Lights Out, Lock the Door.


All through history we can find examples of the two types of people I’m going to talk about. For the purposes of this article, there are two types of people, those who bury their head in the sand and those who keep their head on a swivel. In my eyes, it is very tragic that so many choose to stay ignorant. Some people are simply ignorant due to lack of information perhaps because of their living situation. However, I find that people in this situation are not the kind of people I’m trying to refer to here. Ignorance is not bliss to these people, it just so happens that they have not been exposed to certain information. The types of people I’m talking about are those who have been exposed to information, yet, choose to live in a fantasy world.  Like in Plato’s Allegory of The Cave, out of the four prisoners, only one escaped and was willing to leave the cave and the puppet show behind. The others willingly stayed behind and chose to live as a slave and in the fantasy world.

I’m not sure if there is a precise enough word for individuals who live as if they are invulnerable to new information, but there is a popular slang term being used a lot, “sheeple”. I don’t want to delve into ad hominem or name calling, so while it would be easier to just label these kinds of people, I feel it’s more responsible and educational to fully describe them rather than relying on a single blanket word like “sheeple”. In order to do so, I’ll share personal situations from my life to help define these kinds of people without a blanket label. In my life, I have attempted to wake several people up and in doing so have lost friends, family, and relationships along the way. It is frightening to me that some people cannot handle the truth. It reminds me of the story 1984, 2+2=5. People want 2+2 to equal 5 because the delusion is apparently easier to deal with. I have had people literally melt down and cry simply because I challenged their politics, people have literally screamed at me for suggesting they were mistaken, and worst of all have shunned me from their life for pointing out what I believe in.  I always make sure to tell these people, that when or if they decide we don’t have to be enemies over a disagreement, to come talk to me again. So far, not one person has stepped back into my life. I just hope they realize it was they who chose not to be around me anymore, that I miss them greatly, and I am deeply concerned for their well-being after choosing to live the lie. Some people cannot be helped because they do not want to be helped. Keep in mind, this is the majority of people around me. Also, just as a reminder, this has little to do with personal politics. I am not attempting to claim superiority over anyone but I am suggesting that some people need to open up their hearts and minds.

In contrast there are also people who simply cannot stand not knowing. I like to count myself in with this crowd, but it’s not so easy to crowd these kinds of people in either. So again, I’m going to avoid using single terms like “awake” or “enlightened” because of what comes with the seeking of knowledge and new information. This means my truth may contradict another persons truth. This leads to conversation, debate, and argument which gives further definition and substance to ideas. This will also lead to experimentation, which is probably the most important aspect to all of this. Guesses are a start, but no matter how smart, good-looking, or social someone is, a guess is inferior to experimentation. These kinds of people are not afraid of being wrong. To me, it seems like those who are truly seeking knowledge and understanding are happy to learn when they are wrong and enjoy having been corrected. This shows me a great deal more maturity in contrast to those who choose to remain ignorant to the world around them. This doesn’t mean these types of people are superior or better than anyone else, what it does mean though is that they are more willing to broaden their hearts and minds to encompass something greater than themselves.

I feel the need to consistently reiterate the point about one not being “better” than the other. As I have grown and learned more about myself and the world around me, I have come to find that sometimes people are very awake and aware but it will not seem like it at first until you really get to know them. This goes back to being open-minded, patient, compassionate, and kind to others around you. I believe there is a very specific reason why some people keep their head down, yet, have a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom. The reason I am referring to is bullying.

Bullying is a large part, in my view, of why people keep their head down and stay out of the conversation. It causes people to avoid confrontation and to fear rejection of their ideas. While I believe there is help for these folks, have a bit of tough love for them. What kind of excuse is that? If that’s what your excuse is I can’t help but imagine that you are less interested in learning and more interested in pushing a certain agenda. While I may be wrong in saying that, there is an old saying, “You can’t help others until you’re able to help yourself.” This, in my opinion, is exactly right, especially in this article. If you have an idea about reality and you share it with others who might have some constructive criticism and you react negatively to it, you are a perfect example of someone who would rather stay ignorant. The point here is keeping your mind open. Perhaps your ideas are sound and beneficial, however, closing off to everyone around you just because they see it a little differently is not helping you or anyone. In fact, this kind of attitude only serves to discredit your ideas if you are unwilling to even listen to a different angle. The danger in behaving this way is that you may begin to feel you are just superior to others, that you know something they do not, therefore, should be able to tell them how to think and feel. The danger here is you becoming authoritarian in your social life. Or perhaps you completely seclude yourself from everyone around you. Either way, this is no way to live in my opinion. I wish I could help you see another way.

I don’t know of any one solution to this dilemma, perhaps some suggestions from my heart will help. You will never convince someone through force or coercion so step number one is to forget about treating people this way. Many many people have experienced being bullied and we’ve all seen the effects of this so straight away, just forget about being a bully. I realize the temptation, however, know the results are not genuine. People will say a lot when under pressure just to fit in. I want real understanding not a belief brought about by some sort of abuse or brainwashing. I think one of the keys to do this is patients. If you have information about something and have experimented with it and know in your heart and mind that it’s true, then you need to stand strong with those ideas. People who disagree with you may or may not have valid points to make, so instead of reacting negatively to this, keep your ears open. You have to set the example in order to convince others, so take it upon yourself to become a very good listener. This avoids bullying in two ways, firstly, by listening to someone else’s ideas, you yourself are less likely to be a bully and in turn, you’re negating reasons for the other person to bully you. If confronted with a bully, do not cower in fear of them, but also, do not react aggressively or violently towards them. Instead, see it for the opportunity it is to improve yourself and perhaps improve them along with you. Results are what you put into any given situation or dilemma. Ignoring reality and blaming others isn’t going to do one solitary bit of good for you or anyone else around you. This is merely a suggestion to everyone to learn how to put aside petty disagreements and work a lot harder towards real solutions that work in the real world.

In closing this article, I just want to point out that I believe humanity is wonderful. I have a very optimistic outlook when I think about the future and it’s because so many wonderful people have taken it upon themselves to live and be who they are. These people inspire me to grow and learn and become a better human being. I have a girlfriend, who for the life of me, would not be with me if I hadn’t chosen the life I’ve chosen to live. She’s not into all of these things like I am, but that does not make her the type of person with her head down, lights out, and door locked. I sometimes try to see the world through her eyes and I have to tell you, it’s amazing to ponder. In the end, it’s not about whether or not she agree’s with me on everything or listens to the same information I listen to. It doesn’t matter if she can’t stand some of the music I love or some of the things I say every day. What matters is, she is who she is and she lives that way every single day. She communicates what she see’s and feel’s with me and it helps me grow into a better person. I only hope I provide the same kind of experience for her in turn because to me, she’s worth every drop of blood I have.  She keeps her head on a swivel and learns something new every single day, things I could really care less about, until she shows me how important it really is. This is what I’m talking about, people from vastly different perspectives can learn, grown, and achieve with one another simply by being open to new ideas and suggestions. That to me, is vastly superior to purposefully living a lie. Not that those people are evil, but they sure are missing out and I for one wish to do something about it.

Thank you for reading! I am more than open to suggestions, criticism, and new ideas. Please comment below and let me know what you think!

Scott D. Vogler

Agorism & Statism: The True Paradigm



Agorism & Statism: The True Paradigm 

This article is going to be focused on what I feel is true political paradigmatic ideology. We are brought up, typically, in a two-party system depending on which part of the world you live. Where I live, in the United States, it has been the same two parties in charge for a very long time now. The Republicans and the Democrats. This has created a very clear division between people who affiliate themselves with either the left political spectrum, or the right political spectrum.

While I understand the differences between the two parties, what I don’t understand is how the followers of these two parties do not clearly see the poignant similarities both parties share. I believe party patriotism blinds people from the reality of the two-party system. Many even swing like a pendulum between the two parties depending on popular opinion. These people I feel will have a much easier time understanding the points I will attempt to make in this article because they are not so tied down by political favoritism. If you are one of these people, I am asking for your empathy and attention because I believe it is you who will make the biggest difference. Those that do not feel the incredible urge to support only one side of the same coin, I’m talking to you most of all and asking you why you play along? It will be clear why I ask once you’ve read the entire article.

For those who are reading this and are thinking to yourself “get to the point already” I will kindly ask for your patience because this is an incredibly complex issue that must be explored to its fullest extent. I am attempting to break through apathy, blind patriotism, and the arrogance that comes with party politics. For those of you who are still reading and thinking “get to the point already” because you can see where this is going, understand that I realize you already understand the points I’m going to try to make. This article is directed at those who have not yet heard the message.

Now that I’ve clarified a few things, let’s continue on with the article. Again I recognize the political difference between liberals and conservatives. Big-Gov v. Small-Gov, left/right, red/blue. I believe most understand the obvious differences. What I want both sides to realize is that whether you argue for larger or smaller government, both still require certain situations in order to exist. These situations are exactly the same thing and cannot be divided by political rhetoric or opinion. Attempting to wiggle around this will only prolong the inevitable truth. The reason the left and the right are nearly identical is because both parties have shown their abilities and desires to use force and coercion in order to maintain their power.

Please don’t be confused. I am not saying that all liberals and all conservatives are aggressive, violent, and dis-honest people. I just understand the inherent nature of party politics, especially in the mainstream, to be dismissive of anything that goes directly against the party doctrine. I am asking you to question why you support a system that uses force and coercion to maintain its power. One of the most popular answers I receive when asking people this question is, “Yeah, but we have to have a government!” I can’t help but imagine how this stance would crumble if they themselves became a victim of government force or coercion.

Another popular answer is “So few people fall through the cracks, so to get the benefits of government, I’m willing to accept the mistakes they make.” That’s fine and dandy, but would you be willing to say that to someone who’s fallen victim to these so-called mistakes? “I’m sure they’re working hard every day to solve these issues, I have faith in the system.” So much faith that you’ll ignore the reality of prisons being full of non-violent offenders, the reality of warrant-less authority, the reality of using force against peaceful people? When push comes to shove, do you believe they will let you simply step to the side?

It has been estimated by author Harvey Silvergate (who happens to be a libertarian) that the average American commits three felonies a day. While I cannot support that claim with evidence of my own, it does make sense to me given layers upon layers upon layers of laws put in place by both parties.  All of these laws are enacted and enforced through coercive political posturing, violent policing measures, and information gathering. How far are you willing to go in your patriotism of a system which can create a criminal out of anyone?

I’m trying to leave names out of this, I only mentioned Harvey Silvergate, because of the title of his book and to give him credit for presenting the information in his book. I can ask these daring questions of statist all day long and make some of them feel angry or frustrated, but that is not my intention so after all of the questioning, if you are still paying attention that is, I want to extend an invitation to take on an idea that isn’t quite new, but could be new to you. It could be called anything you want it to be called really, since it is simply being who you are and living in reality as a free and independent human being. There is a term becoming popular among certain individuals who call themselves Agorist.

Basically, an Agorist is someone who lives as if there is no government. That is taken in the most extreme of contexts. There are also agorist who believe in government for some things, but they may be agorist towards another area of government. It is the equivalent of being atheist for one God, but theist for another. This to me represents a beautiful part of human nature. Sometimes, no matter who or how many people tell you to behave a certain way, think a certain way, or even speak a certain way, you will not give up your independence. For some people this means, no one can tell them who they can and cannot marry. While another individual might not give up his fire arms. If you stop to think about it, that means most people have something very powerful in common with each other even if it comes from completely different circumstances.

When faced with this reality, my first inclination was to point out that they are completely different situations, that they have no relation to one another, and no similarities can be drawn from one to the other. However, this is false. It is because human beings desire to live free of oppression that I can compare the two social situation. I hope this brings you to understand that all around you are people who are just like you in a strange and complex way, they live in a world where violence is promised if you do not comply with certain people’s rules, yet, despite circumstance, almost everyone I know seems to hold on dearly to who and what they are and will not give in to tyranny against them. I just want you to see that there is nothing to fight over if we all agree that we should be free and actually use that freedom to protect each other from tyranny of any sort.

I do plan on offering some challenges to this ideology however, because I have my own definition for who I am and how I think about the world. I will not give in to these paradigms that express a lot of promise yet in the end, produce the same results. It is a paradox, where in the place that they meet are ideas like war, control, manipulate, lobbying, police, torture, poison, and most importantly power. Agorism to me is a superior state of being, because it means you do not depend on anyone but yourself in whatever regards you see fit. However, there are some challenging questions I have had to ask of myself and I want to explore those as well. So fellow Agorist out there, like you, I am still learning perhaps right along side and behind a lot of you out there, but I am definitely interested in learning more in how to change your life in this manner.

One of the most difficult questions I have is that of practicality. This deeply offends me when somebody tells me that they like my ideas, but they just seem so impractical. It’s easy for me to point to horrible examples from their side of the argument of impracticality and chaos. However, this does nothing to address their question, which is essentially,”What are we offering that’s not government but is better than government?”

The answer to this, as I’ve been able to reach myself thus-far is that it probably still looks and behaves like something called “government” but is entirely different from what we accept today as government. The problem with complete and total Agorism is that people will compromise and work with others to achieve larger goals. If we woke up tomorrow in a zen-anarchist utopia, it would still have groups of people who exist to provide goods and services and who even take on the appearance of authority. The difference is, they will not exist to limit personal liberty, but would instead have to produce a good or service that actually benefited those who choose to use them. This leads to another huge topic that I will not go into now, but please refer to my other articles about Pinnaclism and Transhumanism. Those can be found on the main page for this blog.

I am confused though, what would an agorist society do about those who bring harm to humanity? Would we lock them in a cage? Would we just kill them? Would we bill them into obscurity? Perhaps we can isolate them from society and hold them publicly accountable in some way that absolves the situation so that further peace and prosperity can take place without further interruption from that individual. Now that I am asking these large questions and lazily offering very vague but heartfelt suggestions. I think it’s time for this article to find its way to the end.

This single issue holds so much potential power for you as an individual. Whether or not you chose to be Agorist is far less important than you yourself never behaving in a forceful or aggressive manner to those around you. Do not be a bully just because you think or even know you are right. Forcing others to be something they are not is akin to the inability to put a square peg in a round hole. It is not your fault nor theirs for being born this way so instead of wasting time and energy hurting others, please recognize that you only harm yourself and everyone around you when you behave this way. You know that the only reason you ever get away with it is because others have chosen not to use force and coercion in their lives. You prey on the innocent as if they were just a doormat to your castle. I do not want you to suffer through this delusion any longer so please, I beg you, think about who and what you really are and if what you are is a bully, try to use it wisely enough not to pick on innocent people who never hurt you nor would they hurt you.


Thank you for reading. I know I will be writing more about this in the future, especially as others examine my ideas and have objections, recommendations, and questions about it. Please remember to rate, subscribe, share, or otherwise remember this article. Your participation is very much appreciated!


Scott D. Vogler


Bullies & Self-Defense: Standing up for yourself and others.


I think everyone has been bullied, even bullies get bullied it seems in this world. Perhaps that’s just poetic justice, but I think there’s a better approach to this situation that doesn’t require being a bully to stop a bully. Inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” 

I will be speaking largely from experience because I want to leave it up to you to decide if what’s happened to me constitutes as bullying. Also, how I grew into someone who learned how to deal with bullies. Again, this worked for me, but I do not want you to believe I am trying to convince you that what I have to say is a cure-all when it comes to bullying. My WordPress articles are designed to share experiences and ask big questions of my readers in a hope that inspires solution in their lives. Any and all criticism is welcomed and encouraged, my comments section sure could use the hits too!

When I was 10 years old, Phillip, a friend of mine and I were at a little league game catching foul balls and home-runs, much like all the other kids. It was always fun to rough house with my friends and run as fast as we could to be first to get the ball. Simple, childish, blissfully ignorant fun. After catching a few and returning enough of them, they let my friend Phillip keep one of the balls which we then started to throw back and forth. Eventually, the ball rolled into the area the bully of this story was playing with his friend. It’s not important how he looked or how old or what he was wearing or doing, what’s important here is the idea that exist in people’s mind that they can control you with force and coercion. To a large degree this is true, however, the reality is that a peaceful situation is vastly superior to a situation involving violence. The idea of non-aggression for all intensive purposes is the ideal situation to be in. Bullies on the other hand do not seem to catch on to this really simple notion that we should not hit, take, or lie to others around us in order to get what we want.

Moving on with the story, Phillip asked for his ball back and the bully of course said no. My friend said please and the bully got in his face and intimidated him into giving the ball up. I remember this being one of the first times in my life I felt like I was standing up for something good and noble. So I approached the bully and held out my hand to get the ball back for my friend. This must have driven the bully nuts because he clobbered me with the ball over the top of my eyebrow  and then punched me a few times for good measure. I was immediately knocked out but the bully dropped the ball and kicked dirt in my face before walking away. So we got the ball back and I went home where my mother flew off the handle and called the police. Looking back, this is one of those times when I feel the police did a really good job in handling the situation and is part of the silver lining that is statist society. Apologies were in order, no charges were pressed, and my friend had his base-ball.

I look at this story with a bit of shame, because of how differently I would handle the situation now days. At 10 years old it had not occurred to me that there are vastly superior ways to help everyone in the situation get what they want without violence taking place. I should not have been so pretentious with the bully and respected his age and size advantage. Also, not being trained to defend myself, I would have chosen to speak more wisely and reason with the bully in a way that appealed to his lighter side if he had one at all that is. I believe in this approach because any escalation towards violence is a bad thing. The bully is doing plenty of that work so it is up to you, the victim, to provide opportunities for peaceful negotiations and reasoning to take place. I believe it is possible to come out of these situations with a new friend even! All because you had the knowledge and ability to provide the platform for this to take place.

What I just described is my second line of defense from bullying. The first being avoidance of violence. This is merely a pre-caution one takes in their lives to avoid potential violence by choosing not to interact with those engaging in aggressive and violent behavior towards others. Meaning, if you can, run away! Not that this is always possible, but we’ll get to that in a moment. In my story, the bully got a baseball from my friend. While it is wrong of him to steal anything at all, your health and well-being are more important than any material thing like a baseball. Looking back, Phillip and I should have simply walked away and had fun doing something else. However, as I just said, this will not always be possible. My next story will illustrate an example when logic, reasoning, rules, and escape are impossible.

This has suddenly become a controversial topic as of late. Though I am confused as to why, I think I have a small understanding of why someone would be against the use of force in self-defense. In my own situation, I was at a party with friends and one of the younger guys at this party had something to prove. Younger, but much larger and stronger than myself. He started pushing me around so I tried to make my exit, but the second I turned around he pushed me to the ground and began kicking me relentlessly. I knew right then that if I didn’t react to this violence swiftly that I would end up in the hospital. Once you see or fall victim to violent behavior, it is typical to feel adrenaline pumping through your veins. I felt nothing but righteous indignation as I rose to me feet. I have never had martial arts training of any kind, but it all happened so suddenly and swiftly. I believe self-defense is a natural part of life for most if not all life.

The reaction to protect yourself from violence is not something that anyone or anything can take away from you. It is a choice to fight back or lay down and take a beating, unfortunately, a lot of times, bully’s hurt people for really selfish and illogical reasons. I did not hurt the boy, I got on top of him and pushed my forearm into his throat and applied enough pressure to pin him down. After several seconds I let off of him because I knew I did not want to hurt him. I held him down until finally he stopped struggling and asked him continuously if he was willing stop and talk. This experience left a big impact on me because it proved to me that self-defense does not have to be the blood and guts some would have you believe it is. Self preservation can be done in a very peaceful way that provides a large stage on which peaceful events can take place. This even involves taking preventative measures which bring people together just to increase standard of living so that there is even less potential for violence.

To sum up, bullying is a part of the human experience. It is when an individual miss understands the word freedom and takes it to an extreme where logic and reality do not apply to them. They are under the impression that it is perfectly okay for them to treat you like this because they believe you to be inferior to them. Either that or they feel so terrible about themselves that the only way they can feel accomplished is by wrecking someone else’s day. In either case, there are plenty of measures we as individuals can take to avoid, reason with, and even physically defend yourself from bullies.

Please comment below, I am interested in hearing other people’s opinions on these subjects including criticism. 

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Scott D. Vogler

Living Life & Video Games


This is going to be a bit of a quirky article because I have been so heavy on the philosophy and science topics lately. I thought it would be a nice changes of pace to go with something leaning a little more towards hobbies and enthusiast activities. It occurred to me that all I’m doing as I get older is real life versions of what happens in a lot of the over the top violent and fantasy filled video games I spend way too much time with.

Just 10 minutes ago I was driving a Corvette ZR-1 around a road course going 150 MPH and handling turns like a hungry cheetah chasing a gazelle. I could feel the vibration of the car through my controller, even feel when my tires were losing traction. A quick down-shift and full throttle to let the tires grip on to the track and straighten out the nose. Back to red line, 3rd gear, straight away, up-shift to 4th, pedal all the way to the floor. And across the finish line.

I feel like what I just described, many actual race car drivers might be able to relate to, but I have never even sat in a Corvette, much less taken a car around a legitimate race-car track. But I do have my own car. A Dodge Caliber SXT. An every day 4 cylinder engine that get’s 32 mpg/highway, and a top speed of 120 mph on the dashboard. While I readily admit to breaking some speed laws here and there, I would never be able to go as fast as I go in a video game. The mundane task of driving though, seems to be brightened by playing a racing game. It makes me think of all the little bits of metal working in unison just to get me to point B safely.

I also, like many younger men and children, enjoy the blissful playground that is violent video games. From open world free roam style games like Grand Theft Auto, to burning people to a crisp with fire magic in Skyrim. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing my enemies to their knees and rendering their life complete.

Of course in real life, the more mundane version of this is being extremely nice to as many people as I can and collecting knives, guns, and survival gear to pretend like I’m saving the world. But I am fascinated with survival gear. Not just because it is so useful to have around, but because of the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into tools we all love to collect and review. I would never use any of these tools on anyone in an aggressive manner, only ever in a self-defense survival situation where my life depended on it.

But if knives and guns are the violent parts, how does magic translate in the gear world? Perhaps flint fire starters, magical metal blankets designed to keep you warm, medicine tablets, water purification tablets, and bug repellent comes to mind, but all of those cost extra XP. Sorry noobs, you’ll have to stick with large leaves and tree sap to survive this one.

Anyways, back to my original point for posting, to have fun. It is said that violent video games create mass murderers. I beg to differ, while anything can have an adverse effect on some people, and I certainly don’t deny the possibility of negative reinforcement through entertainment, I do not see a clear link between video games and violent behavior. Perhaps though we also shouldn’t use excuses to avoid our responsibilities and other duties to friends and family and waste too much of our time with entertaining ourselves.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. But I’ll never be convinced that another man can create a piece of entertainment that will make me kill someone else. Unless of course The Matrix comes real, because we all know, if you die in the Matrix, you die for realzzzz.

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Exploring: Micro-Organisms & Nano-Technology


Exploring My Curiosity and Expanding My Ideas. 

The reason I am blogging on this topic is to seek advice. I am very interested in this, however, cannot seem to help the fact that I almost fall asleep every time I try to research it. I am seeking advice from those in the medical field for their opinions on how best to learn about the important issues surrounding micro-organisms.

I have an idea about reality that humanity will lead itself to a semi-utopian society through the use of technology. I believe we will be able to introduce nano-bots into our bodies which will analyze and manipulate the fauna of life that lives within us to work for us instead of against us. I believe we can find a way to use genetics to create artificial life forms, which like Virus’s copy itself into our genetic code and in contrast to a virus, benefits our over all health greatly. I do not have a plethora of knowledge on this subject but I am very interested in learning more about how bacteria breed, survive, what kills them, what helps them thrive, and many other issues surrounding micro-organisms.

Right now my understanding of micro-organisms is infantile at best. I understand that some are very harmful and some are benign in nature and are also a vital part of our eco-system. I’m not sure I am asking the right questions, but I can’t help but imagine a world in which we use technology to help scientist run test to nullify the harmful aspects these micro-organisms. Even using them to enhance our health in creative ways. Of course I am no scientist, however, I have found that science is open to asking questions with a big paint brush.

I know that depending on the type, some forms of bacteria can live on an inanimate object for hours, if not weeks while others have an average life span of about 20 minutes. What happens to a single bacteria over its life time that gives it it’s purpose for existing? What function and micro-function does a single bacteria serve and how will humanity adapt to any threats these life forms may pose as result of co-existing in reality? I’ll answer this way, it appears to me that these ancient life forms have been around much longer than we have and that underestimating their destructive impact upon us is akin to stuffing your head directly into the sand. I have a personal philosophy of Non-Aggression which I apply to all life forms. Could we not use technology to both give harmful bacteria what it wants, while nullifying any negative impacts they might have upon us? Could technology of this magnitude also enhance our bodies by injecting beneficial genetic coding directly into our DNA and cellular structures? I believe we can achieve balance in nature through the use of solid philosophy and even more solid science to increase the harmony and prosperity of all life in the world and eventually into the universe around us.

To me, the triumph of science is the ability to make acute observations of broad ideas and dissecting every aspect of those ideas which eventually, after accumulating more knowledge based on experiments, a more accurate understanding of those ideas and the ability to implement those ideas in everyday life. I am here because I believe science allows big ideas from small people to become a reality. I am on a computer right now after all, thanks to scientist who brought about the technological revolution. I am able to send my article directly to everyone around the world to anyone who has access to it. It is my hope that my questions are addressed even if not directly to me. If I have even an indirect input on a positive result then I am happy to reach only one person with my articles.

Thank you for reading.

Scott D. Vogler

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Grown Up Stuff & Ampersand Daily: The Final Solution

Ampersand Daily2



The Final Solution

Host of the show Grown Up Stuff has invited me on to be a guest on Wednesday February 13th at 9:00 PM. We will be discussing many topics I am sure but just to give you an idea of the discussion, please read a bit from Notus’ and myself’s Facebook discussion.


Me: “you want to talk about anything in particular?”

Notus: “No problem Scott! Actually yes, if you wanna think how to answer that’s cool. Pretend I’m a 10 year old child asking you this, what is agorism and what would daily life look like in a anarchist society, what major differences? and lastly back to adult me, When do you think the house of cards falls? or when does the economy implode?? get what im sayin?? and i guess who loses out most when the economy hits the fan?”


First of all Notus, thank you for inviting me on to your show. I have my calendar filled for Wednesday February 13th at 9:00 PM and very much look forward to talking to you and Swamp. Let the good times roll!

To a 10 year old I would have to say that agorism is knowing when it is neccesary to break the rules and then breaking them. A 10 year old may ask, “but rules are good right?” To which my reply would be, “Yes, but some are made to be broken if not improved upon.” This would open up a whole plethora of other very important issues to a child of 10. In contrast, I would tell an adult that it’s living as if there is no authority over you. I think most adults would brag that they do life this way, but most also will support the government on most issues.


A completely anarchist society is difficult to imagine for most and even myself because it’s never been done successfully before. To be honest, I believe in authority to a certain extent, but it’s not from a authoritarian perspective. Justifiable authority simply means that which is true can and should be preserved and made into reality. It does not mean initiation of force to change people’s behaviors or beliefs, but make available for them the scientific knowledge of any issue. An anarchist society would have an authority in technology and technocratic power structures. It’s been said that even in anarchy, there will be organizations that appear to be authoritative and governing, however, these organizations are an inevitable part of people communicating and coming to agreements on certain issues. The difference in an anarchist society, this body would have absolutely no reason to interfere in the movements, speech, thoughts, or other behaviors of individuals. One vital component of anarchal society is the broad sweeping acceptance of the non-aggression principle. This though is probably not a good explaination for a 10 year old child.


For that I would point to Democide numbers and tell the child, all of these people were killed by government directly. Then I would answer the child with a question, “What would the world be like if these people didn’t have to be killed?”


The house of cards will never fall, there has and always will be a house of cards. Parts of it fall and crumble into the pages of history, however, the unique thing about humans is that we’re alive so we live and provide new alternatives that lead to expanded peace, long life, happiness, and growth. Who will be affected most by the current system crumbling as described? Those who depend on it most obviously, the bankers, the bailout riders, the lobbyist, the politicians, the police, and all the people who live on their knees in front of it all. While I realize the calamity that comes with this, I also recognize that through this failure of society will come a new society based on different principles all together. It is my hope that we make it through to the other side free from those who sought to steal our wealth, start wars with us, and dehumanize us into their control grid. If we cannot do this, we will end up in The Matrix I’m afraid.


Thanks again for inviting me to the show, this is just to give everyone a taste of things to come on Grown Up Stuff and Ampersand Daily (almost daily)…

Remember Wednesday February 13th @ 9:00 PM!!!!




Pinnaclism Part 3: Humanism & Transhumanism Summary



This post is to summarize my last two post on the subject. I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of both concepts, but also emphasize some of the clashes between the two ideologies. I honestly believe these differences will be settled peacefully and to the benefit of all. While this may sound way outside the box for many, I believe there are enough people out there who can see the technological singularity happening at some point, perhaps in my life time even. So even if you are not convinced of this now, I still feel like these ideas can benefit you because of the core principles that Pinnaclism itself brings with it. I will continue to write more about Pinnaclism. I just wanted to study this futurist dynamic under the scope of a philosophy I thought up on my own. If you find these ideas interesting, please let me know by commenting below or sending me a message. Enjoy!


Far removed from typical conversation with others, the ideas presented in today’s article are vast and complex in nature and I am not claiming a level of high proficiency in either are of research, I however do have questions, concerns, and inspiration to gain from both sets of ideas. I know there are passionate followers of both ideologies out there so while I respect your positions completely and even embrace some of them, I also want to offer any criticism that may help further both our understanding. The approaching singularity promises to bring about dramatic changes to the very existence of mankind in the universe, not just here on planet earth. Thinking about trans-humanism requires you to challenge many of your beliefs about reality and will even lead you to understanding some of the basic laws of nature in a brand new way.

Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended.
—”The Coming Technological Singularity” by Vernor Vinge, 1993


If Vernor Vinge is correct, we are only 10 years from technological singularity. As humanist, do you have strict reservations to this idea? Trans-humanism after all is the relocating of the human mind and natural life force into a new genetic and technological chimera of humanity that takes on the form of humanity and rises into the cosmos. That’s what I think of when I think of trans-humanism.  That is, perhaps, just my desire to see humanity rise above it’s current problems and finally reach into the universe. A desire to see with my own eyes the universe that surrounds me and be able to understand larger portions of it in powerful and meaningful ways. Long have many of us dreamed of one day being able to orbit earth. Imagine yourself being able to live in an artificial body and being able to produce space craft and exploring what is not yet known about the universe. However, I feel it is only fair to bring up what I asked in the beginning of this paragraph. What would a humanist say about this ideology. What are their moral standards and where do they draw the line on any of these issues?

Personally, I take the idea with a grain of salt. While I do want to be able to do as described, I want to be sure that’s actually what we get when we hit the singularity. If it means giving birth to a tyrannical A.I. that’s soul purpose is to control us, then all I need to know is how trans-humanist are thinking along those lines. Will trans-humanist society be completely voluntary? If so, what does self defense look when considering the increased strength, speed, intelligence, and over all upgrade in mind and body? Will we have independent monitoring programs that you can volunteer to the public if you choose? Is there a way to hack around any privacy measures one may employ? Are we going to use metal framed human skeletons, or are we going to become genetic X-Men who can morph into whatever we please? It’s not the idea that we can do it that I have reservations on, in fact, I encourage anyone who wants to try to be the first trans-human to go for it. My reservations are reservations I believe will exist in even the most ardent of trans-humans will have to face as a real challenge once making the leap. I want them to be thinking about this now and hope that they are so that the project is successful and fully implemented.

Will aggression in human kind be eliminated by becoming a trans-human? Or will it only enrich it and foster it into a new realm of cruelty and despair for those less fortunate? Will the desire to be controlled be introduced into the population via upload? Perhaps it’s even more sinister and looks more like The Matrix film where humanity is farmed for energy and is kept in a comatose state connected to a central AI program that keeps them trapped inside a lie.  While I know many trans-humanist advocates may read this and feel that I am being paranoid, discouraging, or disparaging. I am asking them to stop for a moment and recognize the many problems humanity has proven it has over the years. While I know the past is the past, it does allow one to know and understand what humanity is capable of doing with a strictly humanist mind, body, and over all spirit. I am not discouraging the research into trans-humanism. What I am attempting to do is ask those in the community of trans-humanism to open up to the world about their plans so that we the people can ride right alongside the development of this technology so that we can learn what’s being done to help ensure the safety of this technology.

“Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” – Kurt Vonnegut 

My view of Humanism means you’ve already embraced the fact that you will die and that you are morally okay with this fact. To me, it means you will not hold others accountable for this fact and will treat them with the same respect you desire to be treated with. It means that you are more than happy to provide your best to the world and help improve the standard of living of all life around you, including trans-humans, who may be looked upon with harsh criticism. Being humanist in a trans-human world means you are the most free a human being could ever hope to be. Free from the injustices when ruled over by violence criminals who’s lust for power caused mass chaos and violence of the beginning of the singularity. Humanism is the wisdom in ensuring trans-humanist society is one based off non-aggression, peace, prosperity, and the well being of all life.  While there are dangers in any new technology, I believe humanity is capable of achieving this goal of technological singularity in peace. However, I do recognize there are significant challenges laying in wait before this comes to reality. Whatever the choice, I believe we will reach a pinnacle in society where peace, freedom, prosperity, and the well being of life is perfected.

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Scott D. Vogler

Pinnaclism Part 2: Humanist Perspective On Transhuman Society



“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Mahatma Ghandi 

In my first post on Pinnaclism I addressed Transhumanism in a positive light because I actually do believe humanity will be able to achieve this feat peacefully and to the benefit of everyone. However, I do have some grave concerns for this idea. These concerns are not coming from an irrational fear of technology but rather from a place of caution and hope that what I am about to cover will be addressed by those at the cutting edge of these technologies.

The very first and to me glaringly obvious problem with hooking up to the matrix is that of new vulnerabilities. We are already vulnerable to solar flares and EMP Pulse taking out our electronic grid. It is estimated that within 3 days after such an event, food deliveries would dry up, and then people would begin suffering. What happens when you are literally part of the grid and a Solar Flare crashes through our hemisphere and destroys all electronics? Do you just die? While it’s tempting to jump off the ship when hearing that, I am willing to hear solutions to this problem. How will transhumans protect from electricity? Perhaps one idea is to use genetics and breed in a natural immunity to electricity? Please remember I am not a scientist but I do not lack imagination.

Is there anything we could do to our current technology to prevent total collapse of the electronic grid? Could we introduce nano-bots into the atmosphere which are designed to absorb as much of the Solar Flares energy as possible? Again, I do not know how practical my ideas are, but I really do hope some of them are good and can be used by someone who can really do something with it. I do not claim any bogus intellectual property crap, so please if any of these ideas seem legitimate to you out there, I encourage you to USE them. How about as Humanist, giving birth to Trans-humans, should we not ensure their safety and well-being before taking the step? Should we not prove immediately how much we love our Trans-human offspring who will recognize that love as something worth tending to and caring for as well?

As a humanist, I would recognize the superiority of my trans-human counterparts. I would respect them and not assume any kind of prowess over them, but I would expect the same kind of respect in return. Especially because I would want to foster a general goodness and light within them so that when they encounter more life in the universe, as they surely would do, they can spread this kind of human quality into the universe itself. I would gladly sit on their shoulders in order to spread the kindness and compassion that exist here on earth into the universe. All the while improving the negative aspects in humanity as well. My only worry is that if we are so unable to at least, as a planet, embrace the ideology of Non-Aggression towards each other, the birth of a Transhuman could represent an unbeatable predator capable of terrible and tragic things.

I realize this is a very touchy subject on both sides of the argument and that is why I am trying to write these Pinnaclist philosophy post. I know that it would be wise to begin this discussion now while there is still time before it become too real for most people to swallow. I believe it is inevitable as well, so instead of denying reality, I choose instead to embrace it and attempt to bring about a world peace perspective within the debate that finds the areas where Humanist and Trans-Humanist see eye to eye on certain issues. I understand there must be disagreement as well and that individuals must pursue the truth, I am doing no different here. I believe there is a truth in philosophy that is very difficult to measure but vital to any ideology to exist. I simply want to open the discussion for how best to see this transition through.

If one creates a technology that another would volunteer to use for the benefit of themselves and those around them, then a Humanist position can’t be to use force to change either the creator or the end users behavior. Pinnaclism embraces the idea of non-aggression and voluntary interactions with other individuals. If one chooses to augment their body or mind in a way that does not intrude on your personal liberty, then that interaction does not interrupt your freedom of movement, speech, self-defense, nor your ability to live. Thus, the Pinnaclist/Humanist answer is to allow others to use this technology at their will, so long as it does not bring harm to those who chose to stay in the Humanist world view.

On the other side of this equation, a Pinnaclist/Trans-human would respect the decision of an individual to not augment themselves in any way. They would see that it is more beneficial to treat all life with respect and dignity and not use their new-found ability to bring harm to life around them. There are legitimate reasons for transhumanist to move forth with their agenda to create a more perfect society, however, I feel it cannot be done whilst bringing harm to it at the same time. This is why I, along with other Humanist, have brought forth the idea of the Non-Aggression Principle in such a strong way. I am merely trying to point out that this technology is wondrous and powerful, perhaps too powerful for certain individuals who, while mere humans, have shown violent, controlling, and coercive behavior. My question is, will trans-human augmentation cure these individuals of their tyrannical behavior or will it only enhance their abilities to control and dominate over society?

This is in no way a call to put an end to the research into trans-human technology and genetics. It is a call to appeal to sanity and reason however. I believe the questions I am bringing up are at the very tip of priorities when society is introduced to a new and powerful technology. I’ve been told by trans-human proponents that there are many examples of technology being met with unnecessary criticism. I have to agree with them on that singular point, but I also believe a lot of the best constructive criticism is that which challenges the very essence of an idea. This allows the idea to mature into a more perfect and beneficial practicality which becomes easier to produce.

The point of my Pinnaclism posts are to balance both sides of controversial issues in an attempt from one human being to many other individuals that there are two very legitimate and reasoned positions on any side of any issue. Under a Pinnaclist world view, all ideas are to be fully heard and understood so that those ideas can be improved upon to benefit all. Even the really bad ideas like racism, violence, rape, abortion, and many other horrendous ideologies must be investigated in order to bring solution to the falsities they present in the real world. A Pinnaclist would be able to convince proponents of harmful, ignorant, or bad ideas to change their minds through peaceful, reasoned, and logical acts. While this is not a perfect way to deal with every issue and every individual, Pinnaclism proposes new ideas to make up for the weaknesses in even really good ideas. The point is to constantly build upon that which works and never embracing a status quo.

Apply this to the debate between Humanist and Transhumanist and try to imagine a world in which they don’t have to just co-exist, but thrive off one another. Try to imagine a world in which neither side has to feel guilty about the others criticism, but rather squeezes the good out of each other through open-minded, open-ended, and peaceful communication. There are bigger questions that ask whether or not Humanist and Transhumanist will even be able to relate to one another. This is why I want to try to establish some idea of philosophy between the two before we see a broad sweep of this type of society take place. The fear is that Transhumans will become super aggressive towards the weaker Humanist species and attempt to eradicate them. Of course this is something Hollywood has trained us to believe, but are the possibilities for this accurate? If they are at all possible, should we not do everything in our power to ensure it does not happen?


If you believe my ideas to be sound and at least helpful, please send me a message or reply to this post below. I really want to hear from others on these issues. Hardly anyone I know is talking about this issue and it needs to be brought up more. This will represent a drastic change in society, let’s make it a good change!


Thank you for Reading!


Scott D. Vogler