Cars & Ground Mobility


Cars & Ground Mobility

I was reading The Mirror the other day and came across a letter from a reader who wrote, ‘I was riding my bike to work when this red Ferrari pulled up next to me. Out of the window, Jeremy Clarkson shouted ‘Get a car’, and drove off.’ What I actually said was, ‘Get a car you hatchet faced, leaf-eating Nazi! – Jeremy Clarkson 

There is something about the technologies which allow us to go from point A to point B that really makes me appreciate science. It’s an easy sign post for me when looking back through history and even when looking forward with new an innovative technologies still on the horizon. I enjoy considering how the automobile has effected us and how it’s been integrated into society. I enjoy pondering how the automobile has gone from it’s simplest form, engine, frame, wheels, and pilot chair, to the technological wonders they are today. Think about how automobiles have advanced other technologies, like GPS, Satalite Radio, and computers designed to make cars run at optimal performance levels. The automobile is very easily one of the most influential inventions ever to grace human society.

The ability to move across the ground takes many other forms of course and naturally we must be able to move the parts around to build cars in the first place. We employ trucks, trains, and box-trucks to carry all the parts of a car to factories, retail car part stores, and warehouses around the land. The evolution of all this technology seems to change more and more rapidly as we hurdle towards a technological singularity process in which we will find even more superior ways to move even more gracefully, with more speed, with more control, and safety. Everything from the locomotion it takes to get a train a mile long running at optimal speed down the railways, to traction control systems on sports cars, to navigation equipment aboard expedient All Terrain Vehicles out in the wilds of the world.

Imagine what a Recreational Vehicle (RV for short) will be like in the next 20 years. Will they be capable of self piloting when the pilot requires a bathroom break? Imagine all of the other technologies incorporated into the idea of an RV and how they might evolve over the next 20 years. It is fascinating to imagine how just one element of the motor vehicle can progress other areas of completely unrelated industries dealing with all together different sets of ideas and technologies. Imagine what the sleeping quarters will be like when wireless internet is full accessible over a large portion of all of earth. Imagine pulling beside an unknown forest and the walls of your RV become transparent showing you the forest. The on board router would present information about the woods for you to learn at your leisure. Imagine being able to get the GPS location of the nearest camp ground with RV amenities and setting that location for your self piloting RV to arrive safety just on time to roast marshmallows.

Then again maybe you want to drive fast and push the envelope on what the motor vehicle is capable of doing.  We already have amazing sports cars capable of mind bending feats of speed, handling, and style. I can only see this trend improving greatly with the advancement of technology. I imagine tires capable of reacting to the surface of the road in order to provide even more optimal handling through turns, rough weather, and when stopping. Instead of pumping gasoline in a combustion engine, imagine the whir of an electric power house capable of producing more power than we can imagine handling at this point in our automotive development. In this advancement it follows that every production vehicle based on these top of the line sports cars will also improve, as has been the case over the years, it is these idealistic designs with their raw power and handling capabilities which help shape the next line of production class vehicles fresh off the assembly line.

We’re just scratching the surface now though aren’t we. What do you gear heads out there think about my ideas? Those that enjoy lifting the hood of their vehicle, taking away what they don’t want, and adding new performance parts. In a bold attempt to improve the cars over all performance and adding a strong sense of ownership, tuning will only become a much more creative process with the advent of 3D Printing technologies. Maybe you’re not going to purchase a designer vehicle from a dealership. Perhaps you feel you can do it better than they can. I believe this will be possible with the use of downloadable files for parts which can then be printed three dimensions with special printers. Everything from the chassis  engine, transmission, body work, wheels, tires, brakes, and everything in between will be able to be printed out into an assembly package which you can then either complete yourself or have a mechanic complete for you. Perhaps it will be like going to a tailor for a suit, only your 3 piece suit is a 3D printed vehicle that meets your every desire.

With advances in vehicles themselves, perhaps also we will see new advances in the roads and rail ways we drive along as well. I imagine roads which can divert traffic in various ways with the use of tunnel systems, magnetism, GPS location technology, and easy to use User Interface. Navigating these roads will be nothing more than setting your destination and desired time of arrival so that all the other request from other travelers can be taken and implemented fairly. These roads would typically be for high traffic areas where user response is not needed and in fact not wanted. Imagine never missing an exit again, never being in another fender bender, eliminating road rage, and being able to stay productive even while traveling.

The fuel with which we power our cars has hardly changed, though it is well known many alternatives do exist. It is only a matter of time before the technology to exploit these alternatives becomes readily available and cheap to produce on a mass scale. I imagine that because of how 3D printing changes how we look at an economy, many of these alternatives will be readily available to everyone to use and there will be a lot of competition among those alternatives which will lead eventually to a new definition of what fuel even means. The possibilities in my mind are endless and though I could continue sharing my ideas, I’m interested in hearing what others have to say.

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Pinnaclism: A Philosophy for Peace in a Brave New World.



Taking the vastly superior ideas from any given political or social movement and combining them under one umbrella of exceeding peace and harmony with the laws of nature. When those ideas compete with one another, choose the ideas which present the most solutions and extrapolate the errors from faulty ideas and incorporate them into the solution as well. Using technology, genetics, and other applied sciences we could be capable of a vastly different and superior set of rules. Enhanced to bring about peaceful and beneficial outcomes, the mere presence of a transhuman chimera alone would greatly increase the possibility of peace being the outcome of potentially violent situations. There are many ideas in the world and universe on how best to bring solution to any given situation.  Pinnaclism is a standard for accepting the input from all voices able to speak on the matter, however illogical, analyzing that information, and using it to greatly increase the possibility for a peaceful arrangement to be made.


The term extropy, coined by Tom Bell (T.O. Morrow) and defined by Max More in January 1988, as “the extent of a living or organizational system’s intelligence, functional order, vitality, energy, life, experience, and capacity and drive for improvement and growth.” Extropy expresses a metaphor, rather than serving as a technical term, and so is not simply the opposite of entropy, although it is also considered the appropriate antonym. The philosophy of Extropy, written by Max More, is the original philosophy of trans-humanism. (Source:)

With the use of genetics and cybernetics, we can greatly increase our output of solutions to various issues like violence, war, economic issues, political agenda’s, and the vastness that is everything else. This will lead to an acceleration of peaceful alternatives to nearly everything. The decision to disrupt this peace will have long since been solved by the time it occurs. While you are free to remain completely human and independent or whether you choose to merely be assisted by androids, or perhaps you go all the way and become a real trans-human the Pinnaclist ideology can be embraced by any self-aware entity so long as it is done voluntarily. Non-aggression plays a large role in creating a Pinnaclist lifestyle, you must learn to embrace the idea of patients, and to allow your pride to be an emotion that motivates you towards peace, not be replaced by spite and malice. While there is no strict enforcement of any rules, the idea is to allow yourself to volunteer your goodwill to the world and produce an outcome that benefits yourself and those around you.
This form of anarchism is the only solution to an authoritarian state where violence is deemed required to spread ideology. Pinnaclism seeks to listen to all positions and put them to the test on the market or public arena and adjusting to the reality of the situation. This requires a very active participation from individuals on a personal basis. Where problems exist, people must bring their ideas to the table, even if faulty, it will create a ground by which another can apply the benefit of hindsight and fill in the gaps. This process should repeat until ultimately the economic or social situation is solved to the satisfaction of those individuals involved. With increased computing power this process can be done as fast as the technology allows it to be produced. Implant this technology in a human chimera and allow it to thrive, one Transhuman could do the work of 10,000 men in just one day. In no way do I assert the numbers I’ve chosen to be scientifically legitimate, the point I hope to raise should be obvious.

Self defense under a Pinnaclist format would be a very powerful ability to ward off any attack whether natural or intended. The ability to eradicate negative and destructive consequences before they happen is much more powerful than blasting a thing into oblivion. While I believe it would be at first safe to rely on destructive power, eventually, non-lethal attack capabilities can decrease casualties and also enhance the ability of others to bring about much more positive and constructive consequences. I am not of mind to know exactly how this idea can be done in reality using technology and I would hate to try to speculate, however, I believe philosophy can help even the most ardent of scientist to be inspired enough to extrapolate an idea into a real working machine. The idea I’m trying to represent is that of pre-cognition. The ability to react to a situation either as fast as reality allows or making a breakthrough and gaining the ability to react to situations before they occur.

Try to imagine the possibilities and corrections you can make to my idea and run with it to the next person who works with you peacefully to create new realities, the idea is to allow this process to continue and grow into a new society based on real information and the accepting of new proposals in order to reach a peaceful end to all situations. I realize that what I am proposing is far from perfect but I see the realities sinking in more and more and feel I am interested enough in all of this rhetoric to make my comments publicly. I hope these ideas do not come off as completely far-fetched to those of you who are also enthusiastic about this technological frontier. I only hope that you can gain something useful from my thoughts and use them in a way that benefits not only yourself, but to all of those within your survey.
Eliminating that which hinders the ability of life to thrive, explore, learn, express, and participate in nature is the ultimate goal of Pinnaclism. It is not just one idea that makes all other’s irrelevant, rather an idea that expresses the desire to accept even more input from a virtually limitless sources. A Humanist being applies this by co-existing with trans-humans. The incentives to harmonize with each other will exist in that Humanist created Transhumanist to bring peace to the planet. Once rendered obsolete by machines, Humanist will enjoy exactly the same freedom as every other life form. They will live healthy lives and share their ideas with trans-humans who sometimes require input from beings less intelligent as illustrated when a human child teaches an adult something very profound and useful. Everything will be designed to increase the living standards for even those who choose to be homeless and totally dependent on the system. Even these individuals will be treated with utmost respect because it is beneficial for all life to live in nature in such a state of harmony. The Pinnaclist philosophy seeks to transcend pre-disposition and outward appearance. How to help life thrive in harmony is the question Pinnaclism seeks to answer.
Perhaps under this light, we can eventually find the root causes of aggressive authority in our world. In the interest of the survival of life on planet earth, dig and cut those roots once and for all, ridding ourselves of an evolutionary weakness. Pinnaclism is for anyone who should choose to accept the ideology, with the use of technology and armed with the truth, a single human being can bring about social and economic well-being for a significant amount of people without the use of violence and coercion. Humanity, whether humanist or trans-humanist, should in my view pour their interest into a Pinnaclist ideology because it embraces the ideas of all and every single entity which chooses to gain knowledge from it and express itself through it. Even violent rhetoric is encouraged because this will allow any number of other individuals to weigh in on the situation and combining their solutions into a near cure-all output of productivity and abundance that can provide all parties with permanent and peaceful solutions that work for the benefit of all life in the universe. This idea is about universality of peace and prosperity and understanding the balance of nature.

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Left & Right


Well I don’t know why I came here tonight,
I got the feeling that something ain’t right,
I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
And I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs,
Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right, here I am,
Stuck in the middle with you. – Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel

All of us who have both of our arms and legs typically have a dominate side. Writing left or right handed or perhaps you lead with your left or right foot. Many of us have probably tried to use our less dominate side to do mundane things and feel how awkward it is to do so. For example, I like to go to a target range and shoot my pistol and shot gun. I am right handed but I sometimes test my skills with my left side. I can barely see down the sights on my shot gun because of how awkward it feels. Even leaning my head over to do so feels incredibly difficult and my body rejects the idea almost completely and totally. However, I drive myself to keep trying because I like the challenge of doing more than what you’re supposedly capable of doing. While it will never feel as natural as it does when I use my right dominate side, I have become more familiar and efficient with my less dominate left side.

Trying to become ambidextrous is a simple challenge you can do every day. Shooting guns is just an example that I thought might draw you in, but try using your less dominate side just to pour a glass of water, butter your bread, or write a note. Most people probably know the sensation of this but how many of us realize how this translates into the world at large and society? I clearly see this division in so many areas in our day to day lives that it’s pretty astonishing how little attention we pay to it. We argue politics, brands, sports teams, and ideologies all by standing firm on what we prefer to believe or support. Not that there is anything wrong with holding on to your beliefs and ideologies, however, what I am suggesting does not require you to abandon your natural tendencies. Instead, I ask that you embrace another natural part of who you are yet you may choose to ignore because it does not fit in with your day to day life or your beliefs. I ask you to challenge yourself by embracing yourself for who you really are.

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

– Carol Quigley from Tragedy and Hope pg. 1247/1248

Politics to many is a rabbit hole and in many respects that is very true. However, the moment you realize that the rabbit hole has no bottom is the moment you wake up to the reality of politics in general. Speaking for myself, I recall being raised in a conservative house hold with a father in the military who would get all teary eyed when the national anthem was sang or anything patriotic would come up. I believe this lead me to rebel against him for he would often espouse a desire for me to join the military one day. This caused me to take on a rebellious leftist ideology. The moral of my story is that in a society where you have one of two choices, one way or another you will be filed under one or the other. I believe humanity can achieve much more than this false dichotomy. Now that I am 27 years old, I have chosen to embark on a different journey all together. I hope and know that many are on a similar path. A path towards truth and understanding. That of embracing changes that will matter and jealously guarding tried and true philosophies worth holding on to. More than that, discovering brand new ideas that will only serve to strengthen humanities reign atop the food chain. My optimism has increased 100 fold since rejecting the false left/right paradigm in politics and has lead me to meet some of the most interesting, loving, understanding, and passionate people.

The entire point of this word press is to express a desire and hope I have that humanity can and will experience a broad sweeping mass awakening. I want to hopefully inspire a spark within you that gives you the chance to explore other possibilities that live within you, yet may feel completely awkward and foreign to you. With practice and due diligence you can and will become more and more comfortable with these areas in your life and be able to use them to break through barriers that you’ve had built around you and also that you’ve put up yourself by ignoring the possibilities life offers.  Once you’ve found yourself embracing ideas that before felt wrong and unnatural, you can then see that living on one side or the other is the real unnatural way to live. That when you become a happier person because you’ve embraced who you actually are you will realize that you can’t turn back and why would you? The choice is yours and how I see it the choice is this, either continue living with what makes you comfortable and complacent or choose to embrace life to it’s fullest, exploring all kinds of new possibilities.


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Finding Liberty in Music


 “Let me be clear, to those who would use copyright law as a weapon to drown innovation and stifle competition, you will be left on the side of the road of history.” – Kim DotCom

This is something close to my and millions if not billions of people on planet earth. Even if people don’t realize it, when they are enjoying music, they are enjoying tons of liberty. It’s fascinating to me to consider all that had to go in to the producing of a piece of music. It may seem mundane to the casual observer to consider how much we depend on our individual freedom, but especially when creating a piece of art which will be used to communicate an idea that you personally can’t put to words alone. I think the obvious freedom when it comes to music is the ability to speak freely, share ideas, and spread knowledge without violent interruption.

Whether it is rap, rock, country, or any other music, the ability to go into a studio, create content, and then distribute that content without violent intervention is neccesary to uphold any semblance of freedom in music. The very idea of intervention being brought into the equation threatens the very essence of creativity and art in general, so I will examine why someone might want to stop certain thoughts from being presented in even subtle ways.

If for example someone wants to go to war with someone else, but there are a lot of songs that have become very popular that espouse peaceful and cooperative means to find solutions, perhaps that makes selling the idea that we should go to war a little more difficult. Maybe someone wants to create songs specifically to foster in ideas about peace, liberty, and prosperity and find themselves in opposition to those who enforce the copyright laws that prohibit them from expressing ideas that the enforcers say they own. It is painfully obvious to see how creativity can be stifled and that there are specific reasons one sites as reasons to intervene. I certainly hope that humanity will flourish past these ideas of ownership of ideas and mount a far superior idea of free and open output of ideas.

It is my hope that the musicians of today going forward will use their liberty to express themselves in deep and rich ways that will help move those around them towards more productivity, more freedom, more peace, less war, less violence, less government intervention. Which ever genre you relate to most, whether you prefer an more deliberate and in your face approach or a more mysterious and subtle approach, please remember how powerful it is to be able to express yourself in such a way that takes more than just words to say. The fact that no one will get in your way should be felt and celebrated in your music and should foster more of the same from those who listen to you. There are examples of music being stifled in the past, I will not forget those incidents where it was deemed neccesary to censor or otherwise intervene in the creative process, which leads to the output of information in the form of music.

And now for some silly lyrics for your enjoyment. 

“Freedom isn’t free, it cost a buck-o-five and if you don’t pitch in who will?!” 

From Team America: World Police

Force & Coercion


“The Liberty Movement has sparked something in many that we all know deep down to be true. Freedom will eventually replace force and coercion. Liberty is inevitable.” – Adam Kokesh

As far back as I can remember, I always thought it was strange that someone needed to be violent or deliberately coercive to get their way when the far superior alternative of voluntary interaction through persuasion provides a much clearer and peaceful path. Speaking from experience, I recall in 3rd grade history lessons discussing the topic of World War 2 and the nuclear bombing of Japan. My teacher mentioned how much the bombs cost and a question came to mind, “If the world is in such danger from the Japanese, why didn’t people build the bombs for free or better yet, trade with the Japanese so we didn’t have to fight?” I still wonder exactly what was going through my mind at that time, but that question has stuck with me all these years. Just the idea of questioning authority appealed to me at an early age.

Of course I have a much different position on war in general at the age of 27, but my point in revealing that moment in my childhood is to show how even as a child, and perhaps because of being a child, the idea of using force and coercion deserves, in my mind, to be questioned and challenged. When people call me nuts or paranoid or become aggravated when I suggest an alternative to either force or coercion, I feel it is their failure to live up to the natural inclinations of most people to be polite, persuasive, non-aggressive, and willing to work and share well with others around them. How often did our mothers, guardians, friends, or family try to teach us The Golden Rule? Have those teachings failed us or have we failed to live up to them?

The idea of non-aggression seems to be such a simple ideology, mundane and perhaps boring to a lot of people. But I find it fascinating and exhilarating to be on the scene with others who may be behaving in an aggressive manner and being there to provide the alternative and do everything you can to persuade others to behave peacefully and voluntarily. This action will not always work out in the end, some people seem to be so far gone that the only thing they know is to be violent and coercive with those around them. We might call these people bullies, jerks, or assholes. I call them confused.

I believe the choice to be non-violent came easier to me than being non-coercive. As I become more familiar with these philosophies, I came to realize just how often I would lie to myself about my life and the world I live in simply to have an emotional gratification. It seems so much easier to take the supposed easy route where you lie, set people up to fail, and convince yourself that it’s for the greater good to stifle peoples ideas and productivity in life. But at some point you must realize that if you’re living in a fantasy land of deceit, nothing good can come of it other than your own ignorant bliss which harms so many around you. Of course you remain oblivious to this fact until you begin the process of peeling the onion of your life. The more you peel the onion, the more full of shit you realize you are. This is a very unpleasant realization to have about yourself, but the pain you feel about it doesn’t mean you’re a wimp or crazy, it merely means you are conscious and human. Peel away until you get to the heart of the onion, where your tears will flow with the realization that when you get to the center of it, you can discard it forever. Liberty is achieved at this point when you’ve decided to peel back the layers and discard that which held you and others around you down in the box of complacency and lies.

Once you’ve freed yourself from the ideas of force and coercion totally and completely, you begin to realize just how much more powerful the alternatives are. In my experience, I took on a much more logical point of view when it came to navigating through life. The ability to control my emotional responses to situations makes it much easier to communicate with others and deal with life’s many challenges. Before I made these hard decisions in life, I would frequently yell at others for not agreeing with me, become extremely defensive, and would even lie just to be right. I even convinced myself I was right, but all of that comes back on you later, when you think you’re so right that there are no other ideas in the world other than yours that someone or something comes along and challenges you in a way you cannot escape any longer. It is best to CHOOSE the peaceful alternative now while you are reading this, before you find yourself trapped in the web of your own deceit and violent behavior. Once caught in that web it is very difficult if not impossible to free yourself, so be expedient about this and make the right decision for yourself before the real pain begins.

I wish I knew exactly what causes us to grow up into apathetic shells of our childhood. I’m sure of some things being relevant to the issue at hand, like abuse during childhood for example. However, I believe there is also a much broader and sweeping ideology in the world which not only fosters violent and coercive behavior, but relies on it’s existence to thrive. I believe this ideology to be statism. The ideology which proclaims that all things exist because of state. The belief that without a state, our weather would not work correctly our food would be rotten  our water would become acid, our lives would be chaos, and that society would collapse due to lack of order. All of this being forced upon you without your direct consent of course.

With just a little research into history it can be easily proven that the state has been extremely violent and secretive with it’s populations. My point in opposing this ideology is not to bring about chaos through anarchy. It is to recognize that we as a species are evolving past this ideology in many ways through the use of technology and the spreading of a consistent message of non-aggression. Which leads me to ask you one final question.

When it comes to society evolving into the future, which path would you prefer to take? That of violence and coercion where humanity as a whole is impeded upon by sociopaths who will lie, cheat, and steal to keep their power and wealth? Or persuading yourself and others around you to use their power and wealth to enhance your life and empower those around you to rise to the heights of society as individuals able to think critically and responsibly about the world we live in. Choosing never to bring violence or lies to the table when trying to figure out how best to deal with a challenge.

This is merely my attempt to bring the very best of what liberty and freedom can offer when looked at through the scope of non-aggression. I realize that people are not free enough that they are simply allowed to kill and steal and just get away with it. That is why the Non-Aggression Principle is such an integral and powerful philosophical stand point. I strongly believe that the future of humanity is bright indeed, that what we think of as society today will be but a distant and laughable memory to humanity in the distant future. The idea of controlling others will simply be rendered obsolete due to the nature of the philosophy I’m espousing so boldly. When enough people take this on as a fact of life a tipping point will be reached and it will become very difficult to behave in any other way, not through force, but persuasion and voluntary interaction.

A day will come when there will be no battlefields, but markets opening to commerce and minds opening to ideas.” – Victor Hugo